Thursday, January 29, 2009

Meant To Be

I should have taken a new picture of the kids to post for Tom, but since he is coming tomorrow, I guess he will survive. (Sorry Tom, I did look though the older pictures of the kids, and thought to post one of them, but since the recent is kind of obvious)

So last night, I opted out of the extra 15 minutes of cleaning, and decided to read. I had a book in my hand, but the truth is I was mostly reading text messages. Much more interesting. Boy, and I thankful this morning. I got the kids some cereal, and went upstairs for a minute. Atticus decided he wanted to follow me, but couldn't leave his breakfast. Long story short, he dumped it all over my dirty floor. And you all know I would have had to mop again, so I am breaking it down to divine inspiration. No wonder I didn't feel guilty about it as I was falling asleep.

I just thought you would like to see the before picture of the mural. I couldn't get the whole thing in one shot, but you get the gist. Just add a couple feet, and you got it. It took one and a half magic erasers to clean.This is a picture of the vacuum. I put it next to my little people door for scale. It started out completely empty. I would also like to point out that I am really grossed out about this next story. While vacuuming the edges in the hall, I vacuumed up a small piece of the floorboard. I could be wrong, but I am totally thinking that I am the first one that has actually vacuumed the edges in the hall. Those are definitely original floorboards, and it slipped out so easily, I am sure it would have been vacuumed up long ago. So, in my mind, that loose piece=15 years of other people's dirt build up around the gross.

I just thought I would throw this one in there for you. This is why Atticus needs a new bed. That is the unmoving side that is down. The rest is being held up by the wall. That free crib that I got from a girl I worked with, that she got in the paper, that has been through two of her kids, four of mine, and who knows how many others, and that only cost 100 dollars to begin with...needs to be put down. You have served us all well, little one. Thank you for all the naps and restful nights you have given me.


ManicMandee said...

You take the most ordinary daily mom stuff and make it fun to read about.

Memzy said...

Rest in peace little crib. Rest in peace.

Landee said...

Any post of the midget door gets two thumbs up from me. No wonder you're obsessed with little people. You have some living under your stairs.

Have you done the fugly shower squat yet?

Katie said...

Oh yes, I have done it, but I feel so shameful doing that squat in private even. My worst nightmare is slipping on the soapy floor and being knocked unconscious. Then having EMS come and save me... ::shuddering:: That is why I was hoping there might be an alternative.

Emily said...

How did I miss all these posts of yours! I thought you were supposed to be cleaning??!!

That crib is a major hazard, go throw it in the garbage NOW!

Jenny ESP said...

I thought that little cubboard under your stairs is where Harry Potter lives. And I totally gave you an alternitive for the fugly shower squat and you completely ignore it? I guess if emt has to save you naked, you were asking for it.