Thursday, January 29, 2009

Meant To Be

I should have taken a new picture of the kids to post for Tom, but since he is coming tomorrow, I guess he will survive. (Sorry Tom, I did look though the older pictures of the kids, and thought to post one of them, but since the recent is kind of obvious)

So last night, I opted out of the extra 15 minutes of cleaning, and decided to read. I had a book in my hand, but the truth is I was mostly reading text messages. Much more interesting. Boy, and I thankful this morning. I got the kids some cereal, and went upstairs for a minute. Atticus decided he wanted to follow me, but couldn't leave his breakfast. Long story short, he dumped it all over my dirty floor. And you all know I would have had to mop again, so I am breaking it down to divine inspiration. No wonder I didn't feel guilty about it as I was falling asleep.

I just thought you would like to see the before picture of the mural. I couldn't get the whole thing in one shot, but you get the gist. Just add a couple feet, and you got it. It took one and a half magic erasers to clean.This is a picture of the vacuum. I put it next to my little people door for scale. It started out completely empty. I would also like to point out that I am really grossed out about this next story. While vacuuming the edges in the hall, I vacuumed up a small piece of the floorboard. I could be wrong, but I am totally thinking that I am the first one that has actually vacuumed the edges in the hall. Those are definitely original floorboards, and it slipped out so easily, I am sure it would have been vacuumed up long ago. So, in my mind, that loose piece=15 years of other people's dirt build up around the gross.

I just thought I would throw this one in there for you. This is why Atticus needs a new bed. That is the unmoving side that is down. The rest is being held up by the wall. That free crib that I got from a girl I worked with, that she got in the paper, that has been through two of her kids, four of mine, and who knows how many others, and that only cost 100 dollars to begin with...needs to be put down. You have served us all well, little one. Thank you for all the naps and restful nights you have given me.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sufficiently Humbled

So I blogged about all the stuff I was going to do today, but here it is 8:00, and I am not finished yet. I still have to mop to make my house completely memzified. I could keep going...Here is where the dilemma kicks in. I was all braggy about how I was going to do it all today, (and I have seriously been working my butt off to prove it is possible. I am pretty sure I burned at least a bazillion calories. At least.) but Tom called and said he probably couldn't come until Friday now. So, my question is, do I mop tonight, and then have to mop again tomorrow in preparation for Tom, or do I just wait until tomorrow, and get a big, "I told you so." from you all? I think I am making it pretty obvious which way I am leaning, so I am hoping to hear what I want to hear. But that would mean no, "I told you sos".

Also, how in the hay does one clean a shower without being naked? I never learned properly. Since I didn't have time to take a shower, I just ended up getting soaking wet and frizzy haired. Some tips might be helpful. Come to think of it, I don't think I ever cleaned a shower before being on my own. I slipped through the cracks, you gize.

Husbands Not Allowed...Password Required

I woke up this morning, and I realized my house was disgusting. I am sure you all were guessing that was the case because of my obsessive blogging. I am going to prove to you that you can do it all. So today, I am going to clean my entire house. Like really clean it. I am going to wash the walls, and finally tackle the mural that Atticus made for me on the hall wall about a week ago (I think I need more magic erasers for this one.) I am going to get all the laundry done and put away. Plus more, doing it all. I am talking about the kind of cleaning you do just before Memzy comes to your house. My goal is for my house to smell like more oranges, and less like a farm.

The reason for the exclusion, is because I don't want any husbands to get on here and think that this is an easy task, that can be done every day. I am going to make it look really easy. I am still going to take my kids to story time at the library, after all.

Wish me luck. I have to get started.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Kids, Glorious Kids

Atticus is sleeping in a big bed now. I have been trying sporadically. I will show you why tomorrow. But a few nights ago...success, and he has been doing great since.

All the kids thought the bunny ears were hilarious. Come to think of it, when did they stop being funny? Makes me feel mature.

It's A Love, Hate Kind Of Thing

You know what I love? Doing the dishes. I am being serious too. It is like my time. No one bothers me, when they are done-they're done, and everything has its place. I do a lot of talking, and singing to myself during that time too. Very therapeutic. Every once in a while I will get my pseudo ipod out of the car and listen to it. I would like everything to be like the dishes.

You know what I hate? The laundry. Even saying it in my head it sounds like a bad word. It is a never ending task, and I am always just doing the bare minimum. I don't even have an iron here. (I own one in Las Vegas, but I don't think I used it once, and you can tell.) I waste a bunch of time folding, and then throw them all in a drawer where they are instantly unfolded. I am not really complaining, just trying to think of something to blog about. Sure sounds like complaining though, huh?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

How Young Is Too Young?

Hazel has been begging to read Twilight. I just got it back from my neighbor, (the same neighbor that told her kids that coke/diet coke will kill you) she didn't finish it BTW (I don't know why. Maybe someone less desensitized can shed some light). She did let her twelve year old daughter read it though, so maybe it had more to do with motivation, than condemnation. I want to encourage Hazel's love for reading, but do you think the subject matter is too mature? I am quasi-liberal when it comes to letting my kids do stuff like this. I let them watch pg-13 movies (but I usually have to fast forward the boring parts), I let her read "The Pretties" because I knew it would be too boring for her to finish. So if anyone has an opinion...go? (I added that question mark for effect. I think it worked.)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Long Overdue

I thought since I am forced to be at home, I would show you all the great time we all had together while I was in Las Vegas. I also didn't want this post to be old news either, so it kinda works out.

So glad you all decided to come along for the ride. Our first stop is this cave like thing. In less than 50 seconds from the time this picture was taken there was a flash flood that scared the crap out of poor little Atticus.
This is Violet doing who knows what, but doing it so cute, don't you think?
Oh...holy sweetness. This is Violet and Homer, if you can't tell.
Hazel and Frances. Notice Frances's teeth. You will never see them again.
Hazel asked me if I would take this picture. She told me it would be really cute, and she was so right. It is really cute.
Cord is playing the coolest ever song in this one. I am singing it right now, but the picture leaves something to be desired. The thing they are on is rotating, and we nearly lost Jenny's lunch on this one, but luckily, she hadn't eaten yet......until now. This was lunch, and boy was it tasty. You see, I didn't order anything so everyone was offering some of what they were having so I got to try a lot. My cheapness is irritating sometimes you gize. Notice the iphones all over the place? Did you know Jenny's has a level?

I love this picture. I think it is one of my favorites ever. Isn't Tom handsome. He also looks so vulnerable hugging Thomas like that, and with his big eyes to top it off...mmm...desireable.
Fun with the green screen. Funny thing is Jenny's shirt was invisible, but Thomas's wasn't. Someone please explain.
The gang:Hazel, Tom, Frances, Erin, Cory, and Maddie. From left to right. There were more, but it is impossible to get everyone in a picture for some reason.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Post Format?

I am just freaking out right now because of this new format. It is disorienting, but I think it is one less step, or did I just black out during one of the steps. Anyways, guess who is done with her taxes? That's right, me! Jealous? Those buggers had turned me into a b#%*^. Now that they are over, I can transform back into the hot, steamy, sweeter than sugar, fox that you all love and admire.
Also, my kids were so cute, and Violet said something really funny today that I was going to remember to blog about, but the mush, that used to be my functioning brain, absorbed it. So, I am just going to post a picture half for you and half for Tom. Don't be a picture hog. They are his kids after all.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm An Aunt!...Again

Yesterday, my sister Kara had her second little boy. Sam. I got to go see him in the hospital today. He is number 50 of the grandkids on my side of the family. He was the cutest little baby. Seriously, so cute. I can be objective and say he is cuter than one of my babies. I won't say which one though. Holding that little bundle of joy almost made me want to dust out my uterus, and give it another go, but after reading Amanda's blog, I am cured of that. (thanks Amanda) Also, I saw Kara a few days ago, and she looked miserably uncomfortable. So, I am going to stay all locked up indefinitely. I am at peace with my decision.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hair Was Cut, But I Don't Know If You Can Call It A Haircut

So I had had enough. Every single one of my kids had self cut hair, hair that couldn't really be repaired until months later when it was a little longer. So today was that day. Atticus was the top of my list. He was looking terrible you gize. I am sure I was days away from someone telling me that my daughter was so cute. I couldn't stand it anymore. And having to "do" his hair was more than I signed up for. I am already changing his diaper.

I had to negotiate for weeks to get Atticus's hair cut. I offered things I am not proud of. It is going to look a lot different when it dries. Cross your fingers.

Talk About Ego!

I didn't think that comments meant all that much to me, until today. An early morning post with no comments and it is 3:25. I made really good excuses for all you gize, but then I realized, I didn't make it to any of your recently updated lists! You see, that means it isn't me, it is my crappy blog not letting you all know that I have done something cleaver, and funny, and down-right inspirational for you to check out. Hopefully, this baby will show up, and take a glance at the down below one. I thought it was funny.

Learning About Families

This conversation was overheard...
H: "We are learning about all different kind of families at school."
T: "Oh, yeah, like what?"
H: "Do you know what 'divorced' is?"
T: "No, what?"
H: "It is when both your mom and dad die, and you have to go live with a mean old lady."

Saturday, January 17, 2009


I am in Las Vegas right now. I decided to make the last minute trip, and boy, it is worth it! The weather is so nice. Like, in the 70's.
Even more covetous, I got to play Trivial pursuit with Jenny. That is right, the Jespy. And I am pretty sure we are going to do it all over again today. I just wanted to rub it in a little bit before I start the next day of my fun trip.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Just A 45 Second Snapshot

This is what we did today, in a nutshell. This was take two, Hazel talked about picture day in the first video, but forgot to mention it the second time around because of the engrossing show. So she and Thomas had picture day. That is it....for now! I think my sisters might come over one more time before Merlaine has to leave.

Does This Make Me Famous?

So, I asked Memzy to help me solve my problem, but it turns out I have better advice. How does "Ask Katie Thursdays" sound? All right, this is the only good idea I have ever had, and to give credit where credit is due, it was a group effort. Since I am the only one who has to drag their kids around, PARTY AT MY HOUSE! It was so fun, but I just wanted to blog a bit about my niece, Amanda. She is seriously so talented. She was published in a magazine, you gize. Check out her stuff, and think about how my blood runs through her veins. She brought all of her "projects" for me to give me some ideas. I loved it all. I think this makes me famous by association, right? Oh, and the fact I had a cameo on Antiques Roadshow, and that one time I was on the news on new years eve. Yeah, I am famous.

Guess what I am doing tonight? Beading.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Seriously, So Tired

Yeah, so reals, like, really tired. Do you think my babies would survive if I took a nap?

This post isn't only about that though. Yesterday, my kids went to the dentist. Thomas had 4 cavities, Hazel had two, and Violet didn't have any yet (that is what the dentist said, like she was doomed to have at least one the next time she came in.) But the bad news is Hazel. He said she has a stage 3 under bite, with a splash of a cross bite thrown. He gave me an orthodontist referral while he was mumbling about pallet expanders, headgear, and braces. The good news...the consultation is free...At least I have insurance now though, it could be a lot worse.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Band On The Wun

I am pretty sure this is the cutest thing ever. (Hazel is a little sad because she wanted to sing, and she has since had her turn...over and over again.)

A little more while I wait for the video to upload.

I got my calling switched. I was the CTR 7 teacher, but I have been demoted. I am now Sunbeam teacher. I will admit those kids are really cute, but they are a handful. It reminds me of my first time ever teaching that age. I was 18, and fresh out of YW. They needed a sub for about 6 weeks because the regular teacher had a baby. I cried the first day. I had spent so much time preparing a lesson, and they didn't listen to a word. I asked the bishop to find someone else. (My first calling I asked to be released from) I am more prepared for three year olds now (Violet is in my class-she is the easiest one in there actually. I knew I was doing something right), but I am tired.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Have You Ever...

Squished a spider, and just left it on your wall? This one has been there for two days now. I keep waiting for it to fall so I can vacuum it, but there it stays... I guess I could just use the vacuum hose, but I hadn't thought about that until this moment. Maybe tomorrow.
That mouth is going to cost me a fortune.

That is macaroni and cheese on his face, how did you know.

Violet...there are no words.
This was one of Thomas's scary faces...I didn't have the heart to tell him.

Tom And I Have Reconciled

So, I am going to give him a break. He is now aware of my deep-seated need to feel like it is all worth it, and I am aware of his need to not look bad on my blog. Sorry about that Tom, but you have totally redeemed yourself by your comment. Don't hold your breath though, because he told me his comments are going to be private phone comments (that I will record and post so you gize don't miss out on how funny he is-if only my phone had a record feature. I bet the iphone has a record feature...hmmm...)

It's a happy ending you gize. Just like in the movies.

Friday, January 9, 2009

For Amy, Uh I Mean Hot Pants

I am up for the challenge. Very hasty, but i had to get mine up before Jenny even if it means I have my undone, undied, and messy hair. I guess i could have done some makeup, but it is too late now. I had to arouse kids for these pictures because the mirror in my bathroom was too dirty, I couldn't get a clean shot. Or maybe those are ghosts. Right Amy. Don't you think any imperfection in any picture is a ghost now? Those ones your mom took of us at my house made me want to have a holy man come cleanse my house.
Notice the blush?

My new "friend". I'm kinda over men.

Dirty mirror/ghosts.

I Knew It!!

You see. I know you all hoped he was going to, but I was sure he hadn't been. I had even talked to him on the phone a couple times when he said he was on the internet. My blog is bookmarked you gize.

I am not mad though. I don't think this blog is for everyone, and I totally understand that he might find it boring. I just don't think it is fair to me to spend time doing posts just for him if he isn't looking at them, right? You all know how long it takes to upload a minute long video. That is precious time that I could spend doing something else. Don't worry. I will still take the video, but I will save them in a private folder. Where they can be lost when my computer crashes.

And Tom you are more than welcome at my blog when ever you feel like, but like I told you before- I will do it as long as I feel it is appreciated.

I just want to reiterate that I am not mad. I am, in fact, a bit relieved. It was a lot of pressure to do that everyday. It is a whole lot easier to blog about nothing. Trust me.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Consider Yourself Warned

So for Tom, I post video or pictures of the kids every day. He says he needs them, but he never comments and he never talks about them to me on the phone. No, "thank you." No, "Oh, that was a cute picture." Nothing. So I am beginning to think that he might not even look at my blog. I am really doing this for him. I know my kids are cute ( I get to spend everyday with those adorable kids), and I think that seeing them once a month is enough for the blog world, especially because I can't keep them looking great all the time. So, this is a test. Tom, if you are reading this...LEAVE A COMMENT! If you don't, that is it. My blog will turn back into what I like it to be. My mindless ramblings about what is going on with me. With pictures of candy, and children that are way to old to be breastfed.

Does anyone want to make a bet?

Help A Lady Out!

So I have finished my book, actually a couple books in the last couple days, and I have only two choices left, "Wicked Lovely" and "The Hunger Games". I know you are wondering why I haven't read it already? I am saving "The Hunger Games" for some reason. I look at it as my reward. So do I read it now, or do I read the other first? Because I am hoping that the book is nominated, and I will transition right in to the nominated book, but do I have time for all three? I don't know, should I wait to read "The Hunger Games" or not. And go...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Litter

Just a little video to remind Tom that being here has it's disadvantages, like having to listen to this for hours on end. What you have the house all to yourself? A stack of books to read? No one but yourself to bathe? You can wake up, and work out at your leisure? You have to clean up after only yourself? Sounds terrible!Okay, I would pick my scroungy puppies over loneliness too, but I would like some time to myself. I have a stack of books to read too, ya know.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We Got Us A Rock Band!

Tonight for family home evening (it feels like Monday to to me) we played guitar hero. We Rocked. I am actually really impressed with the progress we have all made. We couldn't get through a song when we first got it, but now we pass with flying colors. And what would this post be without pictures?

Painfully adorable, huh?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Let's Talk About The Snow

I am posting my kids. These are pictures that Hazel took. Keep that in mind when you see the one of her. She cracks me up. Feel free to steal these photos for personal use, you could blow them up huge and say they are you kids. What ever you like.

Man, crazy snow, right? I am thinking snow day even. I don't know, we will have to see. It is kind of a drag because I had plans tonight you gize. I was going to go to my friend Kimberly's house for dinner. I had my camera all ready to go. It was going to be a great post because she is such a blast, but about five minutes away from my house, I got all shaky. They road was seriously turning white before me, so I called her up and backed out. She seemed cool about it, but I know she is crying inside.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Something I've Been Saving For A Slow Blog Day

Your welcome.

I would like to apologize to Tom. I just didn't get any good pictures of the kids today. There were a few times that I thought I should get the camera, but was too lazy. They look the same, if that makes it better.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

So Much For Nothing To Do

I didn't really think I had anything to do today, so I lazed about a bit. Trying to finish "The Pretties". I decided to take the kids to the park, since it was so nice, but after about ten minutes, I realized that sunshine doesn't equal nice, so I took them to the library.

Guess what, my book was finally in, so now I have to set "Hunger Games" aside for another book. I am looking at it like it is my reward for finishing the other books...saving it. Still have about 5 pages left in "The Pretties" because my sister called to ask me if i was going to Kristen's house for family dinner. Oh, no! I forgot. I had about 40 minutes to clean my house, and fix something to bring.

I had such a good time and I took a bunch of pictures because most of you don't know my side of the family very well. Let me get started. There were a bunch more kids that didn't pass in front of my camera, and thus didn't make it to my blog. Too bad for them.

Sister Julie, brother Ben holding Atticus, sister Erin, Erin's daughter Caroline, and SIL Tiffany holding Ben's Alice/Gertie(they haven't really picked a name yet)
Cousin Tonya next to her daughter, with just a hint of my sister Kristen

Half of Tiffany and Ben's confusing named baby, sister Britta, Britta's husband Jared, Britta's daughter Morgan, and SIL Laura. A little of some kid's heads

Britta's son TJ, Jared

Alice/Gertie, Julie's Nora. Just a little freaked out. Due just days apart.

Kristen, the hostess holding the yummiest maple bars ever. I cannot confirm or deny eating three.

Uncle Richard, Aunt Rinda, and sister Kristen

Hazel with her curlers. She told me that she really wanted to wear them for New years day, but she forgot, but it was still close enough.

The back of Hanna, Heidi, and her mom, Josh's wife Tiffany holding same baby.

Paige! With her mom and Nora nearly invisible, in the background, because of her star qualities.

Gertie/Alice being held by sister Britta

Kristen's Jacob

Britta's Samantha, and Violet

Josh's Mason, Britta's TJ, back of Thomas, Kristen's Nathan

Abby and her mom, my sister Erin