Saturday, May 31, 2008

What Do I Hate More Than Anything?

Violet has been particularly hard to feed lately. She won't eat some of the staples anymore. Today it was chicken sandwiches. She took a couple bites then told me she didn't like chicken anymore. I reminded her that she did, and she took a couple more bites. Later, she came to me and told me she was finished and that she would like a cookie. I asked her is she was really finished, and reminded her how much I hate lying. She said "yes, all finished." I told her I was going to check her plate, and if she hadn't finished, and had lied to me she would loose her cookie privileges for two days. She admitted she had a couple bites left. At this point I asked her, "What do I hate more than anything?" (The answer is lying.) She said, "Chicken sandwiches." Hard not to laugh.

Friday, May 30, 2008

For some reason my the picture I posted of my acne had a Barbara Walters filter. If you could see it in HD, you would totally freak out.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Zits And Giggles

Since my real problems are...unrelatable. (You know things like missing customer list and unresolved problems because of it resulting in not getting funded on those jobs.) I thought I would write about what is really bothering me. What is the deal with acne? (I said that in my best Jerry Seinfeld impression.) I don't ever remember having a serious problem with it in high school. Oh, I had the occasional spot here and there, but nothing serious. I thought I was on of those lucky ones, but I guess I am getting mine now. I was sure it was a result of the pounds of candy I would eat everyday. I was comfortable with that because when I decided to stop, my skin would clear up etc., but now I have been candy free for almost three weeks. (Except that one square of chocolate that I feel obligated to mention. You know, full disclosure. ) What is going on here? I am not pregnant, not eating too much candy, washing my face, trying unsuccessfully not to touch it obsessively, but I can't seem to get rid of it.
Now for the giggle part-

Friday, May 23, 2008

Cars And Ponies

I was just sitting here, checking my e-mail, blogging (only a little bit) when I heard this exchange.
"Thomas, you will NEVER control my ponies!" Apparently Thomas is the cars in the game and Violet is the ponies. Violet keeps getting distracted so Thomas is filling in the blanks. Fine, right? No! I am going to call this the best fight ever.
These pictures are live, from the game/fight.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kind Of A Big Deal

Yeah, I was on TV last night. For those of you who obviously don't know me at all, Tom and I went to Antiques Roadshow. Unfortunately the treasures we took were pretty much worthless, but everyone knows that everyone goes just to get on TV. Mission accomplished. I tried to find our clip on youtube, but no luck. So let me describe it in detail for you. First you see Tom. He is sporting a slightly over the top mustache. Then I make my way into the scene. I am severely hunched as I follow my mustached man. Just as we are almost out of the scene, Tom looks back. It reminds me of the Sasquatch video you are all so familiar with. then we are gone. I recommend you do what you can to find it. It is definitely worth searching for hours online to find.
Wait, after hours of looking, I found it. For those obsessed with hunchbacked ladies and mustached men, click here

Friday, May 16, 2008

Home Means Nevada To Me?

I can't believe they are teaching this filth in school. These poor kids are so impressionable at this age.
Isn't Hazel cute?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Best Garage EVER!

We have finally finished the garage. I had no idea that when we started it we were delving into a two week long task, but now that it is done, hurray!
Some things that I realized that I am completely grossed out by are:
-Cockroach nests in the walls. (I just went ahead and painted right over those babies.)
-What I thought were oils spots that turned out to be cat pee. (Now that the floors are sealed and painted the spots glow yellow. Luckily animal messes are Tom's responsibility.)
-Macaroni pictures exposed to moisture hatch weevils (Didn't actually find any living, just a
bunch of exoskeletons.)
-I had actually laid down on the garage floor on almost a daily basis. (I am frankly shocked I am alive to talk about it.)
There is nothing more satisfying that starting a project and seeing it though to the end. I am very proud of Tom. He really did most of the work. I had the less taxing role of telling Tom where I wanted things to go, and reminiscing while I went though all my old junk. In a negotiation over who would pick up Dave, I even got him to mop the floor when he was all finished.
Notice the cat pee in the bottom left in the last picture? Highly visible, huh.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


As many of you know, Tom and I have been spending the past couple weeks trying to sort through our past to separate the gems from the rocks. At the end we had a garage full of rocks. I don't think I would even call them rocks more like petrified poo. You know, the basics like potty trained on couches, exercise equipment, toys that I had taken from the kids when they wouldn't clean them up and never missed. I had taken four van/truck full loads to the DI (This is pretty amazing considering nearly every person who enters my house asks if we are moving because it is so bare. I just like it like that. Easier to clean up.). All was pretty uneventful until my fifth, and hopefully final load. I pulled up to the drop off entrance just as a car was pulling away. I saw the guys who had just unloaded his stuff laughing. When they had taken my junk out of my car, I pulled slowly forward so I could catch a glimpse of the goods. (Are you just dying to know what it was yet?) Click here to find out.

Monday, May 5, 2008


Albertsons no longer accepts competitors coupons. I am so disappointed. I saved so much money by buying only the things that were on sale, and using my coupons from all the other stores. Albertsons payed me two dollars to buy a turkey from them last Thanksgiving. I can't shop there anymore. Then I thought about it. That is exactly what they are trying to accomplish. They are weeding out those cheapskates, like me. They don't want us to shop there. I think the people who actually used competitors coupons were doing the same things as I was. Buying most of our necessities at Wal-Mart where we can price match and getting only the things that were a really great deal, and then using coupons to take even more money off. You have beaten me, Albersons. You have made my shopping day trips one stop shorter, sadly. I am going to miss the great opportunities to stock up on things and save.

Friday, May 2, 2008

You Decided 2008

As I mentioned in a long past blog post, I got my family pictures retaken. I finally got to view the proofs and now I can't decided. I would like anyones, and everyones opinion. New family pictures. Enter the site, go to proof, and my secret code is 41908. Shh.