Saturday, January 3, 2009

So Much For Nothing To Do

I didn't really think I had anything to do today, so I lazed about a bit. Trying to finish "The Pretties". I decided to take the kids to the park, since it was so nice, but after about ten minutes, I realized that sunshine doesn't equal nice, so I took them to the library.

Guess what, my book was finally in, so now I have to set "Hunger Games" aside for another book. I am looking at it like it is my reward for finishing the other books...saving it. Still have about 5 pages left in "The Pretties" because my sister called to ask me if i was going to Kristen's house for family dinner. Oh, no! I forgot. I had about 40 minutes to clean my house, and fix something to bring.

I had such a good time and I took a bunch of pictures because most of you don't know my side of the family very well. Let me get started. There were a bunch more kids that didn't pass in front of my camera, and thus didn't make it to my blog. Too bad for them.

Sister Julie, brother Ben holding Atticus, sister Erin, Erin's daughter Caroline, and SIL Tiffany holding Ben's Alice/Gertie(they haven't really picked a name yet)
Cousin Tonya next to her daughter, with just a hint of my sister Kristen

Half of Tiffany and Ben's confusing named baby, sister Britta, Britta's husband Jared, Britta's daughter Morgan, and SIL Laura. A little of some kid's heads

Britta's son TJ, Jared

Alice/Gertie, Julie's Nora. Just a little freaked out. Due just days apart.

Kristen, the hostess holding the yummiest maple bars ever. I cannot confirm or deny eating three.

Uncle Richard, Aunt Rinda, and sister Kristen

Hazel with her curlers. She told me that she really wanted to wear them for New years day, but she forgot, but it was still close enough.

The back of Hanna, Heidi, and her mom, Josh's wife Tiffany holding same baby.

Paige! With her mom and Nora nearly invisible, in the background, because of her star qualities.

Gertie/Alice being held by sister Britta

Kristen's Jacob

Britta's Samantha, and Violet

Josh's Mason, Britta's TJ, back of Thomas, Kristen's Nathan

Abby and her mom, my sister Erin


ManicMandee said...

How nice to get formal introductions! That photo of those babies in shock was pretty cool.

Landee said...

My ears are smoking. I'm overloading. Rebooting.

Hot Pants said...

I'm confused.

Emily said...

Wow. Fun overload!

Jenny ESP said...

So do you gize ever use name tags?

Memzy said...

hollah. I totally came here earlier and thought I left a comment but.............apparently i'm retarded.

Name tags is a good idea. How does someone "call" a kid with no name yet?

Markie23 said...

Violet really looks like she's enjoying the park. Good move not going to the library.

mindy said...

Looks like we missed out on a good party.