Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We Had It All

Today was one of those days where it snowed, rained, hailed, and then
turned all bright and sunny. I was going to point out the happy
ending, but from the time I decided to make this post and the time I
actually got around to it, it has turned all gray and windy again.

Monday, March 30, 2009

On The Loose

Guess who learned to open doors...this guy. That pretty much means he
doesn't take naps or go to bed at a decent hour.

It's sad when you realize your baby isn't a baby anymore.

No Thanks To Landee

My first post from my phone. So simple, so beautiful.

This rainbow from my birthday. I am pretty sure Heavenly father just
wanted to say thanks for being so awesome.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Big Deal

So, I don't know what I am doing as far as posting from my phone goes. I have good old Steven, (my reliable computer who was feeling kind of lonely anyway) who knows exactly what buttons to push.

If there is someone out there who has information on how to post from your phone, I need it ASAP. I have a goal of not getting out of bed for an entire day. I need this skill to make it possible.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Big News!

Hazel got glasses. She has been so excited about them. She is so funny. She has a very slight lazy eye, and they told her that if it wasn't corrected by the glasses she might have to wear a patch over her good eye , forcing her weaker eye to work harder. I was cringing, but she was crossing her fingers. I took her out of the room and asked her what she thought of all that. She told me, "Just think of all the attention I would get with an eye patch." She is so positive, or perhaps so desperate for attention. Love these kiddos.

Also, I went out to lunch today with an old friend, Kimberly. Not that kind of old, she is younger than me-baby, but we have been friends for forever. We had a good time. I had even brought my camera to document it, but it stayed in my purse. Bummer for you all, I know. Next time I won't be so careless.
Kimberly posted this picture on facebook, but I thought I would steal it so you all would know who the hey I am talking about. We are making a Stacy sandwich. Don't we all look hot? Me especially...you can tell exactly how hot by the sweat stains...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More Of The You Know Whats

Pictures of the kids, but this time, at dinner. I know. I am really pushing the envelope lately. These ones are for all to enjoy.

Atticus was really irritated about his picture being taken, and this is truly the best shot I got of him. You know what his face looks like already.

Monday, March 23, 2009

How Do People Have Time To Blog?

I have been so busy messing about with my iphone. I think I am going slightly cross eyed actually. The crazy thing is, I somehow managed to go out to dinner with my SIL Amy (which was a great time BTW) and clean my entire house (once over), and read a good portion of "The Host". I think it is making me a better person...

These are a few more pictures of Atticus's birthday. Tom is cool with old pictures just as long as he hasn't seen them before.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Best Birthday Ever!!

I am not too proud to make a post about my awesome birthday. My sister was nice enough to come and make me the best lunch ever, cake included. Cheese cake, in fact. My favorite, but she doesn't really like it. That just shows her dedication to making this a good birthday for me. I seriously love that girl. I also got a bunch of calls from other sisters. That is what is nice about having a huge family, if everyone doesn't get around to calling you, you don't get offended cause you have been on the phone all day anyway. In fact, you kind of pray people forget, or don't really care.

I am sure you all know that Tom is far away in Las Vegas, and after a discussion about what I wanted for my birthday, he decided he would get me what I really wanted...an iphone. I have been trying for the last two days to get one. Finally, at the fifth store...Success! I have it now, and I love it. There aren't many things that I have wanted in my life, I mean really wanted. This is one on my short list. I was dreaming about it all night long. I didn't even truly grasp how cool it was. I would like to thank Jenny for the couple hour long tutorial. She directed me to all the really cool apps, and saved me a bunch of time. I am actually really looking forward to getting it all put together, you know, like contacts and such. Thank you for this Tom. You have made this birthday a memorable one for me.

My iphone. I got that protective case on clearance and saved a bundle. Look at how greasy it is already! That is how much I love it, and don't wash my hands.
What I look like when I am talking on it. (Hard to find good help taking pictures. Thomas was all I had.)
Where I keep my iphone, cause my pants are too tight to fit it in my pocket.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Thought I Might Change It Up A Bit

Only a bit. Just a different room in the house. My room. Very personal. Atticus was sound asleep and really grouchy. No pictures of him...too risky.

Guess Who Got An Iphone?

Not me. Lame, right? I waited for like two hours trying to get an iphone before I gave up. I would like to make a formal apology to the in-laws for wasting their time too. Lucky for you though, because I am sure I would be messing around with it instead of posting this little rose bud.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Worth It

I was laying by Violet, tickling her back, waiting for the familiar sound of snoring to alert me that she had dozed off so I could finish my show...all I got was deep, relaxed breathing. I am so happy right now.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Some Things You've Missed

Remember that book that Atticus loved and would read for hours, that I got from the library? Yeah, here it is. He loved it so much, he wanted to read it in the bath. When I took it back to the library, I set it down on the counter, in all it's sogginess, and told them, "You may have lost a book, but it clogged my drain. No one wins in this kind of situation." He destroyed two library books this round, and cost me a load of money. All the money I had been saving by borrowing books for the book club, and just reading in general...gone.

Also, some pictures of Atticus on his birthday. We went to McDonalds. He was king of the slide that day. He was yelling at anyone that tried to go down. Some lady sent her kid over to me to say sorry for making him cry. She had no idea that my little baby was the one that picked the fight.
These are pictures for Tom. Hazel wanted you all to know that she was celebrating her win in Raving Rabbids. She opened a new level, you gize.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Dad's Wedding Pics

As you all know, my dad got married this last weekend. I wasn't able to go because of Violet's surgery. I kinda think he didn't really care a whole lot if anybody went since he only gave about a weeks notice. In fact, only two of my sisters out of all 13 of us could make it. So, this is what I got. I know I would have taken a ton more pictures and would have had a whole lot more to say about the festivities, but Julie (my source/sister that went) has left something to be desired. That is the last time I send her on my errand! To be fair, she probably was holding at least one kid the whole time.

This is what she told me, "It was nice. I missed the actual wedding because of Calvin (her son). They all seemed really normal, and kinda funny. There was a reception." And that is all I got before I had to go and didn't call her back. I am hoping for some more detail, but for now, I will steal the pictures from her blog (since no one really looks at her blog. I am totally kidding Julie, sheesh). I am not sure which one, but I think it is the one in the graphic print shirt that is my twin. You might want to view the pictures on her blog if you want to get nitty gritty. The copy quality isn't great.

Tom Is Gone...Can You Tell?

So, remember when I told you all that Violet was doing better? I think the second I posted that, she was bad again. She refused to take any of her medication, and the pain got pretty out of control. Her temperature went a soaring again. She was .02 degrees from heading back to the hospital. I just had to talk her though it. The last few days have been like that. Ups and downs. I thought she was starting to come around last night, but the night was pretty bad. No one really got any sleep, and although she was eating a little yesterday, she has regressed. I am on my own now. I hope the worst is behind us. I can handle a little fever and a small appetite, but not much more than that.

The terrible breath that accompanies a surgery like this has made me hesitant to look inside her mouth. I finally did yesterday, and was shocked to see huge sores on both sides of her tongue. Obviously, at some point she bit through her tongue on both sides, and the steaming, dryness, and whatever is causing that bad breath, infected it. I am pushing the antibiotics like crazy now, and am already seeing an improvement.

Anyway...how are you doing?

Friday, March 13, 2009

Back In The Hospital

Violet went back to the hospital. She was running a really high temperature (104) and that was the cut off. While she was there, the nosey nurse got all up in my business. Anything, one thing led to another, and she offered to be my new mom. I accepted.

Anyways, She is doing much better now. The second her fever came down and the IV was finished, she was herself again. I had had to carry her listless body in, but she was walking out. Thanks to the miracle of rectal Tylenol suppositories. She has been doing so much better since. She even ate dinner with us, and hasn't stopped talking. All good signs. I think she is starting to talk advantage of her siblings, and has two personal slaves. She knows how to work it.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Violet's New Surge

Yeah, so she had a little work done. I think I underestimated how big a deal it was until I was sitting in the waiting room, and every time the door would open you could hear screaming kids. I suddenly felt so bad, but can you guess...Violet didn't cry. That is right. All you out there with kids that cried after surgery...babies, that is what they are.

She has been doing so good. After my sister made a comment about not drinking, I have been the beverage Nazi. And she has "swallowed" the bait. She hasn't eaten more than a bite of ice cream, but I figure as long as she is drinking, I will be fine. It is only the first day, after all.

Some cute pictures. Tom took a bunch of pictures of the event. So so sad...but so so adorable. The whole office was buzzing about her cuteness mixed with her cooperation and strength. She made a good impression.
This is on the way to the clinic. (She has no idea)

This is dad, that is his scared face.

Here she is, just waking up.
Finally, back in my arms.
So sleepy.

After things calm down, I will be back to blogging. I miss you gize! Can't wait to see what you have all been up to.