Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hot Stuff

My extended family is planning a family reunion. Sad that I won't be able t make it, but I am having such a good time seeing all the old pictures that have been circulated though email. I thought I would post this picture. This is one of me. This is really cool because there aren't very many pictures of me as a baby/toddler. I have never seen this one before. Wasn't I just so...plain? I am the one showing off the goods, if you didn't already know that. My sister Libby is behind me, and I think that harry thing is my cousin Cortney.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Where do I start? Ok, my friend Kimberly came to stay with me a little while back. We were talking about our class reunion coming up, and she had expressed some anxiety about it. She has done very well for herself. She got her degree and is a teacher, she is doing a great job of raising her son by herself, and she still manages to look great doing it all. The anxiety comes from having to explain her past. You see, her husband and father of her adorable Braxton, died almost two years ago from a drug overdose. (Sorry Kimberly, hope this isn't a secret.) How do you explain that to people who are surely going to ask? I think there are three questions you will get asked by everyone at the reunion. What is your job? Where do you live? What is up with your family? While she was here, we did a little role playing. I was the unaware questioner, and she was herself. I now realize I had overlooked something in our sessions. I care about Kimberly and what is going on in her life. I have years of friendship to help me put the situation in perspective. Not everyone at the reunion has that. I say this because the other day, I ran into a girl I used to have a playgroup with years ago. I run into her at Costco every six months or so. When I saw her, I did the usual- comment on how big her kids have gotten, get updated ages, then relay what I remember about the last time I saw her. I told her that I remember her being pregnant the last time I saw her, and asked if the way too big boy in her cart was that baby. She said probably not, she had a baby after that. I asked where he was. Assuming he was home with dad because who would want to drag four kids around the store. I was shocked when she told me that he had died in a car accident. I felt terrible for leading the conversation in that direction, and completely uncomfortable after that. I was stumbling over my words and trying to ease some of the tension, but it was terrible. As with Kimberly, I am sure this mother had come to terms with the situation, but I didn't know how to treat her. I saw her a couple more times as we finished up our shopping and avoided her. I would hate for this to happen to Kimberly at the class reunion. I guess my new advice is only tell people who you think care about your feelings more than their own.
I had taken a number of videos of our sessions but Tom ruined them all with his inappropriate comments. It is sad for Kimberly because I had some very insightful, good, true to life, role play video. Thanks Tom.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Random Cuteness

I don't know if it is just me, being a mom, but I have got to have the cutest kids in the whole world. I am pretty sure if they were any cuter it would be a hazard. This is a random sampling of pictures I took recently. Don't you just want to squeeze them?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

You Guys Wanna...?

As most of you know, We had the pleasure of having Jenny's angels stay with us the last few days. The experience made me realize I can't have that many kids and an awesome blog. I know it has been lacking, and will continue to lack until I catch up on my sleep.
I had great activities planned for each day. (I had a lot of pressure to try to do as good of a job with Jenny's kids as she had done with mine. I don't know how she did it. She is my hero.) So, my activities weren't as cool as Jenny's, but I had planned stuff everyday none the less. Day one- slip-n-slide! A hit. By the time everyone was back inside and fed, I realized it was 6:15 and Cord had scouts. I rushed to get him ready, and was out the door by 6:27. That left me with three minutes to get there. It took me 13 minutes, not bad, but not good enough. We rushed to the football field (Jenny's instructions) a lowly tumbleweed rolled across the field. I know those pack meetings don't last long, but 10 minutes late? We had to be in the wrong place. We ran around the entire high school campus looking for another football field. (You never know.) No luck. This was no ordinary high school either. Running, it took twenty minutes to conclude we were in the wrong place. So now running 30 minutes late, I decided to try the church. As I pull up a young boy in a scout uniform exited. We rushed inside, the only movement came from the young kids playing in the gym while they waited for their dad, the ward clerk, to finish his business. Sorry Jenny and Cord. You will have to wait one more month for that badge. I hear the anticipation is the best part anyway.
Day two, Tom had the great idea to take the kids to blockbuster to rent a game. (Our selection is sadly outdated.) The kids picked Raving Rabbids 2. I couldn't help but want to play too. They played into the night, and first thing in the morning, they were back at it. Lowes has fun little projects for the kids to do on Saturday, and I had planned on taking advantage of this free activity. "Hey, you guys wanna go?" "Uh, no. We are really close to opening a new outfit." I was fine with that. That meant I could put off getting everyone ready for a few more hours, take my time. By around noon, I started to feel bad. They were still playing that game. I forced them to go to the pool with me. I needed a tan really bad. The pool was great. The tan I had hoped for turned into a painful sunburn on just my shoulders. It hasn't started peeling, but it will. The rest of me is still shockingly white. The second we walk in the door, back to the game. I had to tear them away to get dressed. Day four Tom was going to take the kids to see the Hulk. "You guys ready to go?" "Uh, no. We will wait and see it with our family. We will just stay and play this game." After that, I finally got it. They really wanted to play this game more than anything. So next time I watch your kids, just send 5.99 to rent a game and we will be good. Good times you guys.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Grocery Store Faux Pas

This very morning, I was on an errand. The circumstances were just right for me to make a run for it. (You see, I have Jenny's kids plus mine. That makes like almost double digit kids. They were all entertained for the moment, but I had to leave then. Things change fast around here.) I grabbed Atticus and ran, both of us still in our PJ's. Him in his dirty legged, knee holes, so severely stained that it almost looks deliberate, pajamas. Me in my old maternity sweats that I just roll the waistband to keep up. As I was unloading Atticus, I realized what a sight we truly were. He was also covered in cocoa puff residue. I was singing a stupid song that I made up on the spot. (For those of you who have heard one of my songs...let's just say, they are inspired.) It went something like this, "You are a chocolate face, a chocolate face, a chocolate face. Look at you my chocolate face, my chocolate, chocolate face." At just that moment, I realized there was two black guys right behind me. They didn't say anything, just looked. I turned Atticus so they could see he had a chocolate face without being to obvious. I never thought I would have be relieved to have such a dirty kid on my hip.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Too Late!

We got a kitten. Now reading all of the great reasons not to get a kitten makes me want to get rid of it. I will keep it for two months then put it on craigslist. Hopefully the lady I got it from won't see it. That is if he makes it two months. We have only had him a couple days, and we have had a few close calls. Violet loves him so much, too much. Sorry to all the people who are allergic to cats. Especially you Jenny. I told my kids not to tell you when we were over at your house. I told them it would hurt you feelings. Everyone-meet Benny...Oops, here's Benny. Oh, and don't tell Tom about the hairball. He will insist we get a new shower. Are you wondering about that orange thing in there? Me too.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

I'm Bored!

I am bored. None of the million things I am supposed to be doing sound like fun. I think I am going to get a kitten. Someone hurry and talk me out of it

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I Know-Too Many Posts In One Day!

I have been neglecting my fans, so to make up for lost time I am a blogging fool today. I just wanted to tell you all about the coolest ever band. I know they are cool because I recorded five of their songs without knowing it was the same group. You see, my screen on my radio broke in an unfortunate jogging accident-Tom's fault-so I never know what I am listening to, but I had downloaded the music to my computer so i could make a playlist of my own. (Tom's taste in music-not so good.) While trying to find my favorite songs, I noticed all of my absolute favorites were by the same group. The Shins. I looked them up and listened to some more of their music, and I must say, amazing. They can't all be winners, but I picked my favorites out for you all. Just go ahead and push play. It will make the pictures I posted that much cuter.

There's More

I have more.

The Picutres Have Arrived

Here you go. Sorry, blog authority of Rexburg. Nothing funny 'cept my face.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I Got My Pictures

Yeah, I got them...
Nuh uh, not till tomorrow. It will be better that way.