Friday, January 23, 2009

Long Overdue

I thought since I am forced to be at home, I would show you all the great time we all had together while I was in Las Vegas. I also didn't want this post to be old news either, so it kinda works out.

So glad you all decided to come along for the ride. Our first stop is this cave like thing. In less than 50 seconds from the time this picture was taken there was a flash flood that scared the crap out of poor little Atticus.
This is Violet doing who knows what, but doing it so cute, don't you think?
Oh...holy sweetness. This is Violet and Homer, if you can't tell.
Hazel and Frances. Notice Frances's teeth. You will never see them again.
Hazel asked me if I would take this picture. She told me it would be really cute, and she was so right. It is really cute.
Cord is playing the coolest ever song in this one. I am singing it right now, but the picture leaves something to be desired. The thing they are on is rotating, and we nearly lost Jenny's lunch on this one, but luckily, she hadn't eaten yet......until now. This was lunch, and boy was it tasty. You see, I didn't order anything so everyone was offering some of what they were having so I got to try a lot. My cheapness is irritating sometimes you gize. Notice the iphones all over the place? Did you know Jenny's has a level?

I love this picture. I think it is one of my favorites ever. Isn't Tom handsome. He also looks so vulnerable hugging Thomas like that, and with his big eyes to top it off...mmm...desireable.
Fun with the green screen. Funny thing is Jenny's shirt was invisible, but Thomas's wasn't. Someone please explain.
The gang:Hazel, Tom, Frances, Erin, Cory, and Maddie. From left to right. There were more, but it is impossible to get everyone in a picture for some reason.


Hot Pants said...

You had me until "mmm...desirable". Something about being told your brother is desirable just doesn't work for me.
Glad you had fun and got to wear short sleeve shirts!

Memzy said...

Srsly, it looked like a loverly time. So glad you posted pics. Jenny STILL hasn't.

Emily said...

Great pictures!!

Amanda said...

When are these from? Your recent trip, or back when you lived there? They are cute photos. I love the one of Violet. Also, since no one else has answered- green screens aren't actually green green. They are a weird blue green. So, there you go.

ManicMandee said...

Looks like you all had a fabulous time! I'm so glad.

Emily said...

Did you know Thomas may have had his pants unbuttoned for the whole time? Oh, and I can see everyone's shirt on the green screen, so I don't really know what you or Amanda are talking about. Oh, and why won't we ever see Frances' teeth again?

Julia and Jeff said...

Thanks for the nice comment about Hannah! :) Melissa hasn't had her baby yet. :( Her due date is this coming Wed. so hopefully soon.

Jenny ESP said...

The song that Cord kept playing was "I wanna make love in this club" by Usher*. How could you forget? It's embedded in my brain.

I had the time of my life, Katie! See, are you sorry you moved? Yeah, me too. I found you this awesome house in N. Las Vegas with bamboo floor... you will love it!

*it came free with his phone, so no judgy you gize.

Landee said...

Hi. Don't hurt me.

Annie said...

I'm so glad you got to go to Las Vegas. Did you know I think about you at home being a single mom often. You are such a trooper...a super trooper!

Maddie said...

in every pix im always doing something and not looking at the camera unless its like a group pix