Sunday, November 30, 2008

What I Don't Have...

What I don't have is pictures, but what I do have is stories, and lots of them. All the good times. I would love to tell you all of them, but I think there are some surprises. Somethings that I am not at liberty to discuss, so until I talk to the "pack" I will disclose nothing.
I will tell you all that I had a good time, and it was so good to see Jenny and Erin. Whom I have missed terribly, and am in talks with about moving here. Just heard a story about a house appraised at nearly a million that is selling for 185K. Get here! Just drop that house like it's hot.
I will tell you about my family Thanksgiving. mmmmmmmmmm. Yeah, it was goooooood! I love my sister's and SIL oh, and brothers too.
The sad thing is, I had to give a ride home to my grandparents. Awkward! I didn't even feel like I could listen to music, and I didn't really know the way so I was praying I wouldn't get lost. Luckily, my granddad is very good at giving directions for a 90 something. It was kind of like a first date. I wasn't sure if I should walk them to the door. Do you give them a kiss goodbye? Thanks Kara! (that is said all sarcastic like)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Good Times...

I have only a minute to tell you all 1: I am just fine. I think I had a bit of the flu because after the episode I described, I spent a couple days puking my guts, and Thanksgiving breakfast out, and 2: I had a great time with all the blood and non blood relatives I've been hanging out with. I can't stop thinking about cheesecake. That banana one was tasty. Amanda? Sara? Tasty, right? Since I was to sick to eat anything on Thanksgiving, I am trying really hard to make up for it. This is where having two sides of a family really comes in handy. So my side is having a turkey dinner. We'll call it Thankstaking dinner. Then my sister picked me, or rather, her a turkey because it was such a good deal, and then she realized she didn't have room in her freezer for two turkeys. I just love Julie and her turkey buying impulses. So I am going to make my own Thankstaking dinner the next time Tom comes into town. This way I will have the leftovers.
P.S. Nice to meet you Landee. I consider you blood...

Monday, November 24, 2008

Crazy Dizzy

You know all those times I told the computer how I was getting diabetes from all the candy I have been eating? I think it finally worked. I am not sure, but for the last few days, I have been really dizzy, and find that if I don't eat consistently, that I feel faint.
Today I had taken the kids to the park. Thomas decided to climb the big mountain. I was busy reading a book (thank you very much), then i heard him crying. I walked over to see if he was ok, and was met by Hazel and the neighbor saying he was hurt really bad. He had quite a cut on his knee. Enough that I thought we needed to go home, and possibly needed stitches. I got home and was cleaning out the wound, and after I was all finished picked him up to carry him to the couch or a little R and R. I had the little kids on the counter, stranded. (They are so much happier when the can see what is going on, and what I am doing.) Before I can make it to the kitchen, I start to feel really nauseated, and dizzy. I yell for Tom (Thank goodness he was there) but he doesn't come. I yell again, and again ignored. I stumble to the chair and yell "Tom, help me." Then I am out. Next thing I know, Tom is over me talking to 911 on the phone saying, "she is waking up now. After a few questions about who I am, and what day is it, I am cleared. I guess I didn't stay on the chair. My legs were twisted under me, and my back was hurting. I must have hit it on the way down. I think I had a seizure, and when I woke up my jaw was achy from biting down so hard. After some coke, I felt a little better.
I know what you are all thinking...pregnant. I thought it too for just a second, since I am kind of a fainter when I am pregnant, but first of all, I have am IUD ( too much information?) Second, I hadn't done anything that could make you get pregnant since my period thanks to Tom being out of town and all (wow, personal stuff here. It is cool because only girls and Mark read this, and Mark is cool about period stuff. ), but just to be sure, I took a pregnancy test. Thank you-negative.
Do you think I should worry? I am planning on not worrying.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Suckers! This has nothing to do with Edward.
A miracle has happened. I just realized that my kids, well, half of them anyways, are old enough to help out around the house. I had spend the morning watching a certain movie with a certain fun group of gals. I called Tom on the way home, and he was less than two hours away, and in a frenzy to get the house clean before he appeared, I solicited the help of my kids. Hazel was in charge of the bathrooms. Thomas was in charge of the dishes. I was so impressed. I am just realizing how people make things work. I see how my mom was able to have 13 kids. She turned them into slaves. (Lucky for me, it was easy to fall though the cracks.) Although it wasn't perfect, it was great for a first timer, and it freed me up to do other things like windows, that never get done. I love kids growing up!
What a boring post. I feel ashamed I have wasted your timee...Remember, blog=journal. This is for the ladies...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

How Many "Worst Day Ever" Posts Are Allowed?

Actually, not the worst day, but it had some downs, namely the big fat speeding ticket I got! Uh, Mark, I heard you know people who know people that can make people disappear or something like that. This is my third ticket since July. I wonder if I can set up monthly auto debit, you know, cause I see a pattern and all.
This is how the day started. I did remember (at about 12:30) that I was in charge of bringing my old grandpa (I say old because he is too old to be considered elderly. I'm talking 93ish.) lunch. Luckily, I had made a huge pot of soup for my own family and whatever neighbors were over at the time. So I piled the kids, still in their PJs (because I had spent the whole morning making this spectacular soup), in the car and took off. We arrived at about 1:15, but thankfully the oldness kicked in, and he didn't realize how late we were, or perhaps too tactful to complain. He looked great-BTW.
I went over to my sister's house for a little while, and came home with more free food. I hope she doesn't think I am coming just for that. She is just the nicest person in the whole wide world.
Here is where it takes a turn. One of my employees called to say he had blown all of his money on hookers and blow, and then he got a flat tire. (Just kidding about the hookers and blow part. I am pretty sure it was fancy dinners and booze.) Then his spare turned out to be flat. He needed money, PRONTO! I glance down at the clock which says 4:48. I told him I would give it my best shot. I felt like Edward racing down the road, impressing myself with the time I was making. You all know what happens next.
So Memzy-this part is for you-how do you get an employee to call his parents when they need money, and not their boss's wife?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This Is All Your Fault!

So, I come to blog, and there is nothing new. How is that possible? Anyway, I guess that leaves me with nothing to do but read that ugly book. Look at what you all have reduced me to.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Now, The Video That Wouldn't Upload The First Time

What A Great Day!

Today was so much fun. I decided that I wanted to take the kids somewhere fun since they have been on track break for nearly three weeks and it has been basically three weeks in the house. We had just done the part, but I LOVE museums and thought the kids might have fun. We started with a lunch at the park with very little eating, and an indulgent amount of bird chasing. Then to the Discovery center. Let's just say four hours later, I was dragging them out the door. They had such a good time that I exchanged my one day pass for a year long family pass.
I guess I should mention the obvious. Hazel's haircut. I am just pretending that it didn't happen because how do you fix that? Thank goodness for a strategically placed bow.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Is It Doing A Favor If...

You see my sister asked me if I could watch her kids for a couple hours this morning. I was more than happy to help out, and was feeling so good about myself the whole way there. This is my inner dialog, "I am getting out of my pjs first thing in the morning and helping out my sister , that I totally love, and I am feeling so good about myself right now. Etc." I went on like this the entire 35 minute drive to her house. I kind of laze about her house and she returns earlier than I had expected so i didn't really have a chance to clean up the lunch mess or get her kids ready for school, but no big deal because I am doing her a favor, right? Then she breaks out the free stuff. Cheese, milk, more cheese, cereal, and peanut butter. A thank you for helping her out. She was insistent, and i was out of milk so I took it. Then she breaks out all her clip making stuff and makes my kids a dozen or so super cute bows. This is too much. I offer to pay for the supplies, but she refuses with a rather stern look. So I make up some crap about my cell phone I left on the table and rush to drop off a couple of dollars right before I head out. Busted! She must have sensed something. I guess I am wondering if I get to keep my good feelings even though I was more than compensated for my time. I didn't think so. You win this time Julie.

Is It Gone Yet?

I guess one post just isn't going to do it. I just need those terrible pictures off the screen. It discourages blogging.

Good Reason!

I can post about anything I want, and tonight that is going to be how much i needed to post something new so no one else would link onto my last post. Seriously, don't look again. You have seen enough!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I Hate To Do This To Myself!

The vote was unanimous. (thank goodness for you that Tom doesn't check my blog.) Here are some of them, I did try to email them to Jenny so she could make a super video, but even zipped, the file was to big. I am just going to give you a sampling of five. I hope you all enjoy a good laugh. Thomas is in here again, and he said I looked a little scary in my pictures. I have to agree with the lad. Scary is an understatement.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


So i took the ugliest ever pictures of myself. There is an ugly picture competition going on in the Smart Remarks Book Club. The pictures were ugly, but I knew I could do better. So I put a little make up. The emphasis is on the little. Then started shooting. The first one I got was a gem. I knew that puffy french braid was a good choice.
Here is where the hard choices come in. They were ugly, honest to goodness ugly. Do I post them up on my blog and show the world I can look like in that particular angle. Show that that with only a little brow shadow, I could turn into that? Oh, and I can't forget. Tom told me not to keep posting ugly pictures of myself. He has old friends, that he hasn't seen for a long time, are checking out our blog specifically to see what he and his family look like, but I know that if you all saw them you would feel better about yourselves, which in turn would make me feel better about myself. See my dilemma?
So, a vote then.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Ward Dinner Party...

Well, two Sundays ago, the little sign up sheet went around. They needed rolls and salad for the party. I wasn't sure if I was going to go but staring at that blank sheet I felt like there might not be any rolls or salad if I didn't. I signed up for rolls (I wanted my house to smell like rolls and they are a special occasion food at our house.). I don't really take note of the date. Monday rolls around and I am sure I missed it some time the last week, but my faithful neighbor gives me a reminder call. (She is bringing rolls too-copycat) I note Friday at 6:30.
So, 5:30 rolls around and my kids are starved. I give them all a piece of cheese and pray it is enough to hold them over. I leave the house at 6:20 in denial that is will take me that long. I get to an empty parking lot at 6:25. As I circle I spot an open door and 4 cars parked n the back. I walk inside with my rolls in hand. I walk into the gym where a few tables are set up. I am 5 minutes early, after all. I get a strange hello and a, "glad you could make it." There is no food except my rolls on the table. I find the table that is not only all the way in the back, but it is close to an exit. The room has about 10 tables, each one has a picture. I start to look and after the first two are of hunting parties, I start to wonder. The next table was a picture of a young girl holding antlers in one had and a handgun in the other pointed at the head of the deer. I am thinking to myself that I must be in the wrong place, and just as I am about to pack up and leave my neighbor, and more importantly the food starts to show up. My kids are crazy hungry and attack the food. After fixing plates for the kids that need help, and finally getting my plate most of the kids are done and on to desert. All of the food looks a bit iffy. I instantly grabbed one of my rolls, and what I thought was chicken enchiladas, oh and salad. A lady comes to the table and asks my kids what they think about eating bear. Yeah, I know, bear meat. Then it all comes together. The hunting pictures, the not quite right looking meat, the tag and picture next to a crockpot full of meat that says, "This bambi shot by such and such." I am afraid to ask, but quite curious. Those enchiladas I had been eating-pheasant. The mystery noodle dish I eat after Hazel put it on her plate and then decided she didn't want it-bear. The chili I ate (just the beans because any meat in chili kind of grosses me out)-venison. Then it happens. The feeling of disgust passes through my body, and I am suddenly alive. I just ate some bear meat. That's right Tom (who had soup), I had bear meat. I decide I am going to try it all. The second time I went to the table there were more choices and they were clearly labeled now. I at deer-not my thing, elk-I liked it, and bear-my favorite of the three, but it might have just been seasoned better. I couldn't help but think how this would never happen in Las Vegas. I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. I tried to steal a photo copied picture of one of the kids shooting a deer for proof, but I turned my back or a minute and my table was clear.

Twins, Right?

I love Favorite Photo Friday. All the good ones come out, and today Mark had some shocking pictures. I had to steal it and use it on my own blog.
Wait, come back, this isn't a rerun of any sort. I am just showing you all how much Violet looks like Jenny.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I looked in the mirro-or to see what my hair was doing. Is is kind of Skywalker-er or is it kind of stupid...
Actually, I looked in the mirror, and I was starting to look a bit reverse skunk. Crazy thing, the moment that thought popped into my head, Sara (the coolest, bestest, most in tune with my hair needs) called me up and asked if I was coming to her house to get my hair done with my sister that had scheduled an appointment already. "I'm on my way." and yes, that is a direct quote. Ask Sara. Right, Sara, direct quote? Anyway, I blasted over there, running red lights and such so I could get in line before my sister because I had told my neighbor I would watch her kids at 2:00. (I ended up not making it back in time, but she was cool about it. She had plenty of time to find someone else, and she had only asked me about a half hour before Sara called.) I requested the Winnie, for obvious reasons...
This is one of Sara doing my sister, because the ones of her doing me, I didn't look so great in, and it is my blog so I get the final say in what makes the cut.
This is "the Winnie" in all its glory. Done up right! Dolly Parton style.
This is one of me trying to act casual, like I don't know how hot I look.
Thank you Sara. You want me to do you next? Jenny could be my reference.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Did I Fix It?

I will let you be the judge. Sorry Tom, maybe I do need to involve a professional. If you look very closely at the last picture, I am actually in it. See if you can find me. It's my made up game of where is Katie. I am giving you an easy one to start.
It looks a little better...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tagged!:Part Three Of Three

Yes, I was tagged again. I don't think it makes me any less popular that it was my sister that tagged me for the second time, right?
This tag was six of your most unspectacular quirks.
1. I play silly games with myself, such as, "My goal for today is for Tom to have no idea what I fixed the kids for lunch." This includes completely washing all the dishes and putting them away, because a pan might give it away. Taking out the garbage, so he won't see any of the garbage, cans, vegetable ends, etc. Completely wiping everything down. I never ask him to guess or anything, in fact I am sure he has no idea that I do this.
2. I play the piano when I am mad/frustrated/irritated. I think it irritates Tom, but I just got my piano back, and I need it to decompress. At least it isn't crack.
3. I blink two times and tap the right side of my nose right before I get in the shower, every time. Just kidding, I don't do that, I just can't think of anything quirky about me. I did notice that as I was reading my sister's we had a lot in common. I think I am going to copy one of hers. So this one is that I love to watch medical shows. The weirder the better. I gross Tom out on a regular basis by my show choice.
4. I am scared, no, terrified of social situations. There are very few people that I feel totally comfortable around. I would say that outside my immediate family (Tom and the kids) there isn't a single person that I feel totally comfortable talking to. I usually spend hours after a conversation thinking about all the stupid stuff I said, and try to analyze their reaction. I hate ordering pizza, dread getting to the check out at the grocery store. It isn't that I don't like people, I just never know what to say, and i always seem to put my foot in my mouth. Just so you all know, that is why I prefer blogging to actual talking. Church is the worst. They tell everyone to make sure the new people feel comfortable. Did they ever consider that they are scared to talk to people and would rather just be left alone? Are you surprised?
5. I eat the same thing for breakfast every day, drinkable yogurt. I actually will go through phases. For about six months at a time. I will do yogurt or bran cereal. You know, the kind of yogurt with the probiotics? I like things to move easily through my digestive system.
6. Another one taken from my sister's list, I listen obsessively to songs. I will listen to the same song over and over until I know every instrument part, and have made up my own part. This usually takes a couple months to do this. The more complex the song, the more I like it. I love song with string instruments besides guitar (they can still have the guitar, in fact the more instruments the better, more parts to pick out.), and that have ascending and descending scales together. Makes me happy.
Wow, I didn't realize how exposed I was going to feel after this post.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Violet's Haircut: Part Deux

So, the night of the zoo, I let Hazel spend the night over at her cousins house (Thanks for taking her Amy). I thought I would try to give the other kids a good time at home. I set up some sleeping bags and put on a movie and gave them a bunch of candy, and didn't make them brush their teeth. Could I be any cooler? Violet came up at one point with a care bear in her arms, crying, saying Thomas had cut the little curl of hair off the top of all of her bears. I took the scissors, and thought that was the end of it. I hear a lot of playing, and just ignore it, mostly because I didn't feel like leaving the comfort of the couch, and the good company I was spending time with.
I wake up the next morning with Atticus, and shortly after I have him eating breakfast, Violet waddles sleepily up the stairs. Her hair was bird's nesty, like it usually is when she wakes up, but it seemed different. I call her to come closer...She explained to me that she wanted hair like Hazel's, and asked Thomas if he could make it happen. He gave it a try. He told me that without Hazel to model he didn't know how short to cut it, so he thought he should cut it to eye length, just to make sure. I have seen worse kid haircuts, so after a time out and an unnecessarily long lecture he seemed regretful. The funny thing is, at lunch that day, he didn't want to sit next to her. He said her hair was grossing him out.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Son Of A...

If the video isn't working for half of you, then you think I just posted pictures of the good time at the zoo. A completely unfunny, and informative post. That 5 second clip is the jewel of the post. I suggest you try again...
You excited for part deux?

The Zoo: Part One Of A Three Part Series

So, we went to the zoo. The African exhibit was closed so we didn't get to see African animals, but we did get a dollar off admission per ticket, sadly the money I saved went to renting a wagon (since I forgot to pack a stroller).
The kids had such a great time. Hazel brought her purse with her. She had a piece of paper so she could take notes. She listed her top 5 favorite animals, her feelings about the day, and a plan for coming back. (She is a mini Mary Morgan-so organized) I had a hard time keeping up with Thomas. He had his usual perma-grin on. I think Violet liked the ride in the wagon the best. She would step out to see whatever it was we were looking at, then straight back in and ready for the next animal. And Atticus LOVED the animals, especially the cute furry ones.
They loved the little play area. We had a hard time dragging them away. Well, everyone except Atticus. He only wanted to go down the slide once, for some reason.
Overall, a great day. I forgot how much I liked the zoo, and spending time with my kids.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

So Much To Blog About

...and I chose this?!?! I just wanted to let you know that I have three really interesting things to blog about. A lot has happened in the last day. So stay tuned. Chapter one in my three part series starts tonight, (life willing). There will be pictures and videos, and perhaps a guest appearance. Excited yet?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

That Is Some Messed Up...

This is how it started. It was raining. I had sent the kids outside, of coarse. "Here is your drink, and a snack, now go play in the rain." Hazel came inside, all excited, "We found a new garbage can outside!" I ignored it and went on with whatever very important thing I was doing. Then outside for a stroll in my expansive back yard. As I walk by the side if the house, I discover the garbage that Hazel had mentioned earlier. It was the window well, that suddenly seemed so deep. I decided to tackle this problem by going into the basement, opening the window (it is missing the screen, I am sure it was like that for a teenager to easily sneak out. Hey, it made me want to sneak out.) So I open the window,hoist myself up into the window seal, lean out to pick up all the garbage. I start picking up the old leaves and other debris that has accumulated. I find a strange bundle, that I avoid, but my curiosity leads me completely out the window to get a closer look.
I figure that finding skeletal remains in your yard is on par with building your house over an Indian graveyard. I wonder how the pair of them found their way into the window well? I wonder what their last moments were like. Did the water just keep coming in, and they couldn't climb their way out of the steep sides? Were they holding each other? I believe that when they realized it was over, they did.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Childhood Experience

Since I didn't have anything to write about, I thought I would let you all know a funny little story from my childhood. For those of you who don't know, which is probably no one, I am number 11 of 13 kids. Ok, so one time we were over at my Aunt Irene's house for who knows what. She has 11 kids, i think, so a ton of kids, anyway. I had wandered out to the front yard. I remember playing on her cool green steps. The neighbor, who didn't recognize who I was, and thought it was strange that a 2 year old was out playing near the road, called the police. They came by and picked me up. I cried a little, at first. They gave me a piece of candy. I cried a lot more after that. You see, I clearly remember thinking that if I cry, they give me candy. I wasn't scared, but it seemed like I was at the police station for a long time. Meanwhile, back at the house, my mom had come to look for me. I was potty training, and she thought I might need to go. After exhausting all the usual hiding places and games, she went outside, to the front yard, and she was met by a police man who asked all judgingly, "Are you looking for something?" So things turned out ok. I wish i had my scanner working, but I will post the topless picture, since it is the only one I have of me when i was little.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Oh, I Brought My Camera...

I just forgot to use it. So there are no pictures of my kids in their costumes. I am pretty sure the way Atticus looked when I got him out of bed this morning was way scarier than any of your kids costumes. He was covered in snot. Both eyes sealed shut. I couldn't see from halfway down his nose, all the way down to his chin, because of the toxic slime. He would blow a bubble with every breath. Needless to say, I am taking him in today. Hey, it is better than throw up.