Monday, May 3, 2010

Harrowing Tale Of Possible Survival

So, Saturday we went to see the chicks and ended up with three. The
cutest little balls of fluff ever. The kids are all obsessed and I
don't think the chicks have had much time on the ground. Anyway today,
violet was mauling them as usual and left the cage open. I walked past
it who knows how much later, and the cage was open and Flutter was
GONE! After a brief search of the house, I realized that the outside
door was open and that my cat who was obsessed with the chicks had
most likely taken it. I ran out side and heard a faint chirp from
below the deck. I looked under and saw the tail of the cat. I screamed
and stomped the cat away, but the chick was frozen with fear and
possible injuries. I got a screwdriver to disassemble the deck, but I
couldn't get even one of the 12 or so screws required to remove the
board to budge. The cat, meanwhile, was still lurking close by and
made several attempts to reclaim it's prize. About this time, my
school aged kids came home. Hazel was a wreck. I had tried to crawl
under the deck, but couldn't get my butt through (this was one of the
saddest and most surprising developements). I begged Thomas to help.
After much convincing and crying, he went for it. He was crying for
the chick to come closer, while I was poking blindly with a giant
piece of rebar trying to urge it closer to Thomas. After a very tense
few minutes he cried that he had it, and tossed it's cold, fightened,
slightly mangled body out to our welcoming arms. He braved slugs and
mud and darkness to save that baby. He's my sweet hero. I've never
been so proud. Anyway, that chick better make it, or I'm gonna be

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Was Just So Busy You Guys

I decided that I have a little time, and I missed you all. I have been trying to get you all on Facebook, which is easier for my laziness, but you just aren't all having it. So, I came back. I don't know how long I am going to be here. I think it is really going to depend on the number of comments.
I've been doing lots of really boring stuff that is most likely not going to get me any comments, so I am going to leave that stuff out, and stick to shock and offense. I am pregnant, and I am going on my third day of no showering. Now only one of those things are true, but which one? Also, none of those might be true...
Notice no pictures, not yet. I don't think you guys are ready for them.