Monday, May 5, 2008


Albertsons no longer accepts competitors coupons. I am so disappointed. I saved so much money by buying only the things that were on sale, and using my coupons from all the other stores. Albertsons payed me two dollars to buy a turkey from them last Thanksgiving. I can't shop there anymore. Then I thought about it. That is exactly what they are trying to accomplish. They are weeding out those cheapskates, like me. They don't want us to shop there. I think the people who actually used competitors coupons were doing the same things as I was. Buying most of our necessities at Wal-Mart where we can price match and getting only the things that were a really great deal, and then using coupons to take even more money off. You have beaten me, Albersons. You have made my shopping day trips one stop shorter, sadly. I am going to miss the great opportunities to stock up on things and save.


ajesplin said...

You were single-handedly making Albertson's go under, with your free turkeys and toothbrushes. Way to ruin double coupon matching day for the rest of us!

sarastrasser said...

I tried using coupons but I actually spend more when I use them. I buy crap that I would never buy normally because I have a coupon.

Mary said...

I'm impressed! Tom is lucky to have such a frugal wife who will see to it that he never goes bankrupt! Better Albertson's than you is all I have to say!