Thursday, May 15, 2008

Best Garage EVER!

We have finally finished the garage. I had no idea that when we started it we were delving into a two week long task, but now that it is done, hurray!
Some things that I realized that I am completely grossed out by are:
-Cockroach nests in the walls. (I just went ahead and painted right over those babies.)
-What I thought were oils spots that turned out to be cat pee. (Now that the floors are sealed and painted the spots glow yellow. Luckily animal messes are Tom's responsibility.)
-Macaroni pictures exposed to moisture hatch weevils (Didn't actually find any living, just a
bunch of exoskeletons.)
-I had actually laid down on the garage floor on almost a daily basis. (I am frankly shocked I am alive to talk about it.)
There is nothing more satisfying that starting a project and seeing it though to the end. I am very proud of Tom. He really did most of the work. I had the less taxing role of telling Tom where I wanted things to go, and reminiscing while I went though all my old junk. In a negotiation over who would pick up Dave, I even got him to mop the floor when he was all finished.
Notice the cat pee in the bottom left in the last picture? Highly visible, huh.


child protective services said...

Are your kids watching "Family Guy"?

ajesplin said...

Sweetness! You should have posted the real "before" picture of your garage. Everyone should understand the grand-scope of your accomplishment. Have any of you ever seen those news reports on obsessive hoarders? It looked like that.

I have to say, Tom is the king of home improvement. You're pretty lucky. I wouldn't be surprised if he build your next home himself, out of scrap wood and concrete dust that you purchased on sale with coupons.

Markie23 said...

I had the privilege of seeing the "before" garage, and I am shocked and awed by the transformation! So now that the garage is in your living room, are you going to live in the garage?

The cat said...

Aaaahhhh, now it feels like home again.

Amy Thurston said...

I don't think it counts to say you've cleaned out one room if you just stick the whole mess into another room. Not to put down your accomplishment, but you need to get busy on that living room now!