Friday, May 16, 2008

Home Means Nevada To Me?

I can't believe they are teaching this filth in school. These poor kids are so impressionable at this age.
Isn't Hazel cute?


jenn . dave . emma . davis said...

"I'd rather be in Idaho than any other place I know.... Ida..Idaho Ida..Idaho!!"

ajesplin said...

Nevada is the only reason Lincoln was elected--with our illegal vote--and slavery abolished. People who don't love Nevada are racist. I won't name names, you know who you are.

Amanda said...

They had those kids doing an arm motion for like every single word. Geez!

Markie23 said...
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Markie23 said...

I was born in Las Vegas so I'm afraid that I'm cursed,
because there's a saying you see...
"What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas"
So home means Nevada to me.

I used to enjoy walking down on the strip
but lately it just smells like pee
This reeking town has me in its death grip
yes, home means Nevada to me.

I'll end up working in a strip club or bar
Isn't there some way that I could get free?
Even China wouldn't be sufficiently far
for home means Nevada to me.

"What Happens in Vegas Moves to Maui",
Now that would be a nice legacy
but since I was born here, its here I must die
because home means Nevada to me.

Katie or Tom said...

Oh, so that is the second verse. Thanks Mark. I wonder what the hand motions are for that part.