Friday, May 23, 2008

Cars And Ponies

I was just sitting here, checking my e-mail, blogging (only a little bit) when I heard this exchange.
"Thomas, you will NEVER control my ponies!" Apparently Thomas is the cars in the game and Violet is the ponies. Violet keeps getting distracted so Thomas is filling in the blanks. Fine, right? No! I am going to call this the best fight ever.
These pictures are live, from the game/fight.


sarastrasser said...


ajesplin said...

Ponies and cars. Both are modes of transportation, both can be controlled by humans... but what if that control gets into the wrong hands? That was Violet's point.

Amanda said...

I'm so glad Jenny explained that. Thanks.

Victoria said...

Katie Darling How the heak are you girly, So you probably know we both have cute little girls named violet and I just came to realize my oldest is Named Tommy and your is Thomas thats funny we call him Tray though cause he is the 3rd generation of tommy's. anywhays its good to see you your kids are so cute!!