Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Grandad's Poem For His Daughter

She grew up being a happy child
Always gentle, meek and mild.
With a somewhat shy and wistful smile,
That, in her heart, there was no guile

Her grade school years brought fun and pride
As she excelled in all she tried.
From pictures it was manifest
That she was taller than the rest

Her tuneful voice was filled with song
That helped to move the years along.
She advanced into the teenage years
With all their drastic hopes and fears.

In high school she achieved some more
Towards what she was looking for
And built fond memories along the was
To be who she could be someday.

Too soon she was a woman grown
And left our nest to build her own.
She put the Temple in her plan
That sealed her to her chosen man.

Their nest was filled just one by one
With thirteen births ere they were done.
Thirteen souls they brought to life
A blessing for a man and wife.

So Dauna prepared, just in case,
Of an early call to end the race.
Her family stands at thirteen strong
To push unfinished work along

Being a family made her happy and proud
And with hope and endurance was richly endowed
To provide her body with codes to go by,
Willing to live, unwilling to die.

By her loving Father,
Cleo Elijah (Bud) Hiatt age 92

Quick update...She is the strongest woman I have ever known. She has changed all the rules. Hospice has never seen anyone so strong, and remarkable. When the nurse came early this morning, she was surprised to see her alive, and said she would stay (sure it would be soon). We told her to go finish her rounds and come back at the end of her shift. Mom was still alive and breathing. She asked if we would like her to stay again. Although her experience was comforting for all of us, she had a family that wanted to see her. Now, at 12:47 am, I am preparing to sleep. I said my final goodbyes for the 100th time, wondering if I will have the opportunity to say goodbye again. Part of me hoping I will, and part of me praying I won't. It is so hard to watch her struggle for every breath. Wondering if her restlessness is from pain, anxiety, unresolved issues, or just wanting to breathe and not being able to catch her breath. I cherish every moment I get to spend with her.
Thank you for all the support. I feel very loved.

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