Saturday, August 23, 2008

Getting Closer!

I thought I would post something a little bit more exciting. I am afraid my blog is turning depressing so I am going to post something good.
As I am sure you have all heard by now, we are making preparations to move to Idaho. Today we sent Tom's parents on the long journey across town to look at our top pick of the houses we had found. They gave the house rave reviews so I submitted my rental application. (We are going to keep our house in Las Vegas so we can't buy a house right now, but the lady who owns the house we are going to rent wants to sell it. So, if we do fall in could be ours.) The rent is month to month so we can also move if something better comes along. I am super excited. I hope it all works out. Anyways...isn't she a beaut?


ajesplin said...

Hmm. Keep you house in Vegas? Are you really moving? I'm betting no.

Amy Thurston said...

It's the most beautiful sight in the world!

Cristin said...

The house is cute and good luck with your move.

Poor Jenny, who is she going to have those very important "meetings" with????