Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Back To Normal?

Well, here I am, back in Las Vegas. Things are starting to feel normal again, well, things...not me. I guess I feel a little more normal today than I did yesterday, but less normal than I did three days ago. I hope all of this is a normal part of grieving. My perspective has changed. I realize the importance of my family, not that I didn't think they were important before, but I realized I am still in Las Vegas even though I promised myself when I moved here that I wouldn't stay long enough for my kids to go to school here. Hazel has completed one year already and Thomas is just about to start. Now, to be fair, Las Vegas has been very good to us. I can see why people would love it here and want to stay, but I am missing something that is very important to me, something I can't put into words, but something I had when I lived in Idaho growing up, and found again when I was there spending time with my mom. I am motivated to get things in order so we can move. Although this is a scary adventure, it could theoretically be a great business decision. I am just going to hold my breath and jump. I am now willing to take a risk to get to be where I want to be...thank you mom, for that. What have I been waiting for anyway? There is one thing that I am really going to miss about Las Vegas, Tom's sisters. They have been great friends to me. I am going to talk them in to moving with me so I can have it all. You comin', Jenny?

This is a picture of my mom holding Atticus as a newborn.


Markie23 said...

If you settled in Utah you wouldn't be too far from both your Vegas AND Idaho families... and right there with your Utah family! Think about it!

Amanda said...

I think Boise is a great place to live! I recommend it even though we just left. Mark's got a good point too.

ajesplin said...

I'm excited for you, Katie! I'm pretty much a shut-in anyway, not much fun.

Emily said...

Ah, Katie.... I don't know if things ever get normal. I feel sort of empty and I don't really know how to do anything, especially be happy for my kids, when I just feel like hiding in a dark cave for a few years. Thank goodness Amanda is here with me!!! I hope you move back to Boise. Even though Las Vegas is closer to Arizona, I think it would be good for you. I love you and miss you. I hope all goes well with packing. That is a nice picture of Mom with Atticus. Maybe I will stop and see you on my way to AZ next week.

Idaho said...

Don't go to Utard! It is not halfway between Boise and Las Vegas, it is neither Boise nor Las Vegas.

(Your new theme song)
I'd rather be in Idaho
Than any other place I know
I'm tired of eatin' grits
And I'm tired of Stewed Tomaters
I'd rather be in Idaho
Eatin' baked potaters
If I had my wish today
I'd pack my bags and be on my way

Las Vegas said...

Go ahead and leave, you'll be back, you'll see...

North Las Vegas said...

Um, actually Vegas, Katie and Tom don't even live in you, they live in me...FYI...:)

Las Vegas said...

The fact that you don't have strippers and have far fewer bars does not mean that you are a different city. When are you gonna stop kidding yourself...We are the same.

North Las Vegas said...

You are so full of yourself! Thank you for leaving that last comment cause I sometimes forget why I split off from you in the first place. You are condescending and belittling toward me and I don't have to take it!!!