Friday, August 29, 2008

Changes In Parenting Strategy

I am sure you all have noticed the changes in your parenting strategy. I don't know for sure what brings about those changes, but those things that outraged you as a kid (you know, not being allowed to do something at a certain age that a younger sibling is allowed to do while using the oven, and a butcher knife.)
I decided to take a passive approach to Atticus coloring all over the house. I thought, "He will get sick of this really fast. If I don't get mad, he won't think it is fun. I will just make sure there aren't crayons out for him to color with, etc."
As i am sure you all have guessed, it isn't working! Everytime I turn around he has a crayon (pretty sure he has a secret hiding place), and is coloring on something. So, I broke it out. The meanest, most authoritative "NO" I could muster. His mouth turned down and his eyes filled with tears, but I think it worked. In your face Atticus!

I had taken a bunch of pitures of his "art", but they have mysterioulsy disappeared. There is a fresh batch of "art", but my battery is also mysteriously dead...


Emily said...

It seems that Atticus has more secrets than you are aware of. I am sorry I have never called you back. I have been pretending to be busy, but am actually just kind of shutting out the world and reading my life away. I love you and miss you!

Markie23 said...

Aww, that looks like such a sad face I think I would have to shove a crayon in his hand and lead him to a nice clean empty wall.