Thursday, October 9, 2008

Today's Video Of The Kids

I am sorry to all the people that don't really care about this video. You are under no obligation to watch it. I know it is making you all insanely jealous because my kids are so darn cute. Don't hate!
Just a funny side note. I had forgotten to put the memory card in and put a video on the internal memory. I went to delete it, and found about 4 pictures of my cleavage. I think they are pictures I accidentally took when I first got the camera. I am not going to post them for 2 reasons. There might be perves out there who are checking my blog regularly to see if I have posted pictures of my cleavage and I didn't have the required hardware to make the connection. Lucky for you, you all have great imaginations. I am sure the visual in your head is better anyway.


ManicMandee said...

I think it's great you post these. I still don't know how to post video myself. Steve does it for me. I am too lazy to learn.

Jenny ESP said...

OMGarsh it looks FREEZING there. You gize are in long sleeves and heavy coats? BRRRRR... Don't worry, if you find me a new pink house I'll still consider relocating. Even though the weather here is so gorgeous right now!!!(<--in your face!)

Srsly, Atticus was like "screw you mom" in that video.