Saturday, October 11, 2008

Look How Much They've Grown Today!

Here is your requested video, Tom. You let me know if you get sick of these. I am sure you didn't think I would actually post a video everyday, but I have. Do you really want more? Maybe every other day? Let me know. I can keep going...
Today, we went to get coats. We haven't ever needed coats before. It was fun and expensive. Thank goodness they only need one. I actually only got two today. That means I have to venture out in the cold again with two kids that are under dressed. You would think I was from Las Vegas or something.


Katie said...

Please don't stop posting the videos, it's the highlight of my day. BTY everybody looks bigger to me. Maybe it's 'cause the camera is adding 10lbs.

Jenny ESP said...

I like how Hazel says, "poe-ums."