Friday, October 10, 2008

Kids These Days-This Day To Be Exact

I took some pictures of the kids today. Sadly Hazel was at school so she missed this one, but I promise that she is cute as ever.
Thomas was being so cute. He was really relishing all the attention from this particular photo session. This is one of 70+ pictures of him. He is obsessed with what dad's do. Everything he eats, he asks if dads eat that. He told me he knew how to build a wall, "You need rocks and mud, that's all." Ok, not a direct quote. He told me how you do it step by step.
Atticus was mad. I thought it was a bit strange that he had collected all yellow cars today. It is normal for him to have his hands full all the time, and cars are a normal fixture in them, but all yellow? You tell me, coincidence or not?

I could not get Violet to hold still, which explains the blurriness. This was one of the better ones. She is such a sweet girl, and she asks about her daddy everyday.

This video is what the kids are going on their Friday night. Since we decided not to have any friends over, I still thought they would have a good time with each other.


Hot Pants said...

I guess I might have cataracts because the video just looked all dark to me. Have a fun night though! We already went to an early movie, and are just going to snuggle up and watch tv. Man it's cold!!!!!

ManicMandee said...

Freud devoted a whole study and thesis in his works about what collecting only yellow cars means. Very interesting. Definitely not a coincidence.

Memzy said...

Is that the Doogal movie? That's a fave around here. Movies and kids are fun.

Jenny ESP said...

I swear you post the weirdest videos. They're almost creepy. We took the kids to the movies tonight, and Erin and her kids met us. Too bad you moved. Sigh.

I think the movie is Wallace and Grommet: The Curse of the Were Rabbit(<--a fave around here) Doogal is an odd one, but my kids enjoy it.

PS. You make me want to pee my pants too.