Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Orleans

For those who don't know, I just got back from New Orleans. I had a great time. I had no idea that town had such a rich history. It all seemed just a bit tainted though. All the stories had someone dying in them.
I loved seeing all of the really cool plantations. That was my favorite part of the trip, besides the great company, of coarse. Here are some of the great pictures we took. Check the pictures of the houses in the French Quarter extra close. There are ghosts in them (The tour guide said the spots of light are ghosts and if you zoom in far enough it looks like the Mayan calendar.)
The "add image" feature isn't working right now. I will have to add the pictures later. I know you are dying to see the ghosts. Just look at the sun, it is pretty much the same thing.


New Orleans Ghosts said...

Hope you had a nice trip. We disabled the picture ability on your blog temporarily cause we're pissed that you want to put our pictures up.

Katie or Tom said...

Julie, is that you? (Not Julie my sister, Julie the dead naked mistress.)