Thursday, April 17, 2008

Don't Worry, The Ghost Pictures Are Coming.

Atticus was totally sunburned on that side of his face.
Tom right in front of the mighty Mississippi.

Where are we going?!?

Amy, looking fabulous, at Oak Alley Plantation.

Oak Alley, in all her glory. Did you know those trees were planted more than 100 years before the actual house was built?

Real Aligator.
Pretty sure that light on it's tail is a ghost.


Sara Boulter said...

Katie! I loved reading your blog! I totally spaced putting Atticus' picture up...duh. I've updated my blog, so check his sweet face out. :)

Emily said...

I am glad you aren't missing or something. New ORleans, huh? You look skinny and tan. I am so jealous.

Emily said...

You're right about the ghost, too. I've never seen a clearer picture of one in my whole life.

Emily said...

I thought maybe this Sara Boulter was your photographer and what do you know, I saw your new pictures. Very cute. I can't believe how beautiful you all look. I want good pictures like that.

Anonymous said...

Did the locals flip out when you told them your name was Katrina?

jenn . dave . emma . davis said...

Looks like a fun trip! Too bad you were being haunted by ghosts... better luck next time.

ajesplin said...

Is that alligator out in the open or behind bars? Freaky! Do you think that alligator is responsible for the ghost's death?