Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Miss me?

I know I have been a bad blogger lately, but I have been so busy. It is the end of the year and that means tax time for us. I have been trying (rather unsuccessfully) to get everything totally together so we will have plenty of time to spare when it comes time to actually send them in. Now that I am to a point where I can go no further, I am posting again.
I think I am going to have to post a bunch of old stuff because it is too important to just ignore. This post will be about Hazel's Christmas program. Get ready for some extreme cuteness. She does have one small mistake, but I think she recovers nicely, don't you?
I thought I should mention, they did perform "The Night Before Christmas", but the video was lengthy, and I didn't feel like waiting for it to download. Hazel was the fist one in her whole class to memorize her part, and I am pretty sure that makes her the smartest.
Tom is leaving tomorrow, which is really going to free me up as far as blogging goes. He was going to leave today, but guess how I talked him into staying. He said he wanted to watch a movie, and I told him I would go to redbox if he stayed one more day...sucker! I was thinking of offering another movie tonight. We'll see what happens.


Landee said...

TBone just sang along to every word of that. I missed his Christmas program due to the cruise so it surprised me just a skosh.

Extreme cuteness indeed.

PS I srsly did miss you. Glad to have you back.

Amanda said...

I missed you! I haven't had a blog to read in a while. It is nice to have you back! And I did think Hazel recovered nicely from her boo-boo.

Emily said...

I missed you too. Hazel is the picture of cuteness!!

Julie said...

Katie let Tom go. We need you to blog more. I miss seeing your beautiful kids.

Mary said...

That's one little cutie for sure. I thought she had a line from Twas the Night Before Christmas. Was that another part of the program?