Sunday, December 7, 2008

Funnest Day Ever:Part Two

So Tom's family decided to each take a Sunday to cook dinner. Tonight was Amy's turn. Wow, she did not disappoint! She made super tasty pot roast with potatoes and carrots. Then Dwight made these vegetables out on the grill. They were all sauteed in EVOO and some garlic. I must say, they were my favorite. Dwight also made this bread pudding. Now, when I think of bread pudding, I think of Up-Chuck-O-Rama. No, this was delicious. He made a super good caramel to drizzle over the top. With some ice cream to boot. All in all the food was so good, but the company was even better. Amy busted out her trivial pursuit game. I like to play, but let's just say that if we were picking teams, I would be last picked for sure. This is the second time we have played it over there, and I haven't know a SINGLE answer except the obvious ones. I usually have Tom on my team to make up for my shortcomings, but I had to rely on Sara, Mary, and Gus. They did better than me, when we actually got to play, but Dwight? I think he studies the cards. The sad thing is, when we tried to leave Atticus wanted to stay. He didn't make a move for anyone, but I could see it in his eyes ::wink wink::
I think Mary had a camera so you can look at her shots to get the whole experience.
I can't wait until next Sunday!


Emily said...

We had pot roast and veggies too, but mine turned out like crap. I wish I had family around here to do a weekly dinner swap with:(

Hot Pants said...

I could sense Atticus' feelings. He just loves me sooooo much! I'm glad you liked my greasy pot roast.

Jenny ESP said...

Erin and I had delicious lean cuisines at our own homes together. So there. I was so much fun!

Mary said...

Hey, Katie, you can't feel bad about your contributions to the trivia game when Gus and I couldn't come up with much either. What did our team get? chip?