Thursday, March 27, 2008

Violet Is Cute

I was just sitting here, looking at blogs. Frankly, a bit boring except for Jenny's fabulous posts. Violet was playing with her ponies. It reminded me of a story... She always asks for what I thought was pony-bears, but while I was giving her a bath one day the roar of the TV was thick in the air. A giant smile splashed across Violet's face when a "My Little Pony" commercial came on. " ponyville..." Violet told me she wanted her pony-bear at that moment. I got it. She had been saying ponyville, not pony-bear. When I corrected my mistake she was thrilled. She had been misunderstood for so long. She has been an exceptional talker, and I could tell it pained her to be misunderstood. I know she thought it was me that had the problem, and maybe it was. Maybe I was wanting to hear pony-bear because now it sounds nothing like pony-bear. Who calls a pony a ponyville anyways?


ajesplin said...

Violet's right. Ponyville makes a-whole-lot more sense than pony-bears. Pony-bears??? On second thought, to be fair, Violet often has a stuffy nose.

sarastrasser said...

Thanks Katie, Your blog is really really really boring too. I only like Jenny blog and just come to yours out of obligation.

MorganStrasser said...

I call ponies that.

kimberly said...

hey friend! i found your blog and i thought it would be funnier. love your face!

Amy Thurston said...

My sentiments exactly Sara! Hey Sara, who am I?
"Oh Jenny, you are so cool!" "Oh Jenny, you are the best blogger!" "Oh Jenny, you are funny." "Oh Jenny, you totally make me lol!"

Violet said...

It doesn't matter if I was saying pony-bear or ponyville, because my mom didn't buy me either. Apparently she didn't have a coupon.

Amanda said...

The comments on your blog are the most unboring comments ever. Love your blog and its comments.

Vegas Family said...

Violet is very cute. I hope she got her Pony_____ !

Markie23 said...

From Seinfeld (The Pony Remark)

ELAINE: What about ponies? What kind of abnormal animal is that? And those kids who had their own ponies..

JERRY: I know, I hated those kids. In fact, I hate anyone that ever had a pony when they were growing up.

MANYA: ..I had a pony.
(The room is dead quiet)

JERRY: ..Well, I didn't really mean a pony, per se.

MANYA: (Angry) When I was a little girl in Poland, we all had ponies. My sister had pony, my cousin had pony, ..So, what's wrong with that?

JERRY: Nothing. Nothing at all. I was just merely expressing..

HELEN: Should we have coffee? Who's having coffee?

MANYA: He was a beautiful pony! And I loved him.

JERRY: Well, I'm sure you did. Who wouldn't love a pony? Who wouldn't love a person that had a pony?

MANYA: You! You said so!

JERRY: No, see, we didn't have ponies. I'm sure at the time in Poland, they were very common. They were probably like compact cars..

MANYA: That's it! I've had enough! (She leaves the room)

ISAAC: Have your coffee, everyone. She's a little upset. It's been an emotional day.

(Isaac leaves, everyone looks at Jerry)

JERRY: I didn't know she had a pony. How was I to know she had a pony? Who figures an immigrant's going to have a pony? Do you know what the odds are on that? I mean, in all the pictures I saw of immigrants on boats coming into New York harbor, I never saw one of them sitting on a pony. Why would anybody come here if they had a pony? Who leaves a country packed with ponies to come to a non-pony country? It doesn't make sense.. am I wrong?