Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Authenic "Mom" Jeans

Well, yesterday was laundry day. All of my pants that I usually wear were in the wash. I had to decide between shorts and maternity pants. Since I hadn't shaved my legs, the choice was easy. Maternity pants! These weren't the panel pants, you know, the elastic waistband, just like the one you all know and love with the elastic you pull out and secure with a button. I didn't plan on leaving the house so it was going to be fine. Around noon, the kids seemed more out of control than normal, and who cares if I wear maternity pants to the park? Not me that is for sure. I have never been so comfortable in my entire life. I deiced to wear them the rest of the day, to Walmart, and Costco. I even ran into someone from my ward. I don't regret my choice to stay dressed in those pants. It was totally worth it. I thought I would put a picture on here to show how unattractive they were, but I could only get Violet to help me with taking the picture. i must say she did pretty good for a two year old. The lovely pants even transitioned into night. Comfy enough to sleep in. I recommend that everyone get a pair.


ajesplin said...

Don't sweat it, when I go to Walmart, I always wear my mom jeans (14 inch zipper, baby!)... and from what I can tell, so does every other Walmart shopper. Once, I wore my pajama bottoms to Walmart--those navy blue ones with the huge hole in the crotch. I felt fine about it.


(PS. Thanks for letting me copy-cat your blog idea that fateful day last spring. I do believe our blogs have improved by leaps and bounds--visiting your blog is like coming home.)

sarastrasser said...

Thanks Katie for always going to Jenny's blog first. I ALWAYS check your blog first and when you don't post I am usually so depressed that I stop blogging altogether. By the way, love the maternity pants. I do have some of my own but since they fit me just fine I choo choo choose not to wear them.

Amy Thurston said...

Mom jeans: jeans highlighting the flat curvature of the 40+ buttocks. Similies: upside-down-heart shaped-butt. Commonly seen aacompained with front butt. Extremly high waist, and always a crappy shade of blue or black. Usually found in Kohl's or Mervyn's.
I would like to add, acid washed, pleated, and always with a comfortable 12 inch inseam. I am proud of you Katie!