Friday, December 14, 2007

1st Annual Blog Awards

I have decided that we need to have an award's show, no blog. The categories that I have though of are:
Best video
Best comment
Best dressed
Best picture
Most original idea
Most popular
Best overall

(Tom is adding these categories against katies wishes)
Best Looking
Most Likely to succeed
Biggest idiot
Biggest butt
Biggest flirt
Best hair
Goofiest spouse
Worst taste in music
Best Violet video(this way I'm sure to win)
Best mom jeans
Most kids
Ugliest kids
Most money
Coolest beard
Most neglected kids
Most siblings
Ugliest pet
Most junk mail
Most condiments in their fridge
Longest list that no one will respond to
(back to you katie)

Now, to make this work I am going to need everyone to vote. (if you would like to remain anonymous, you can send it directly to my email ) The winners will be announced January 1st ish. Also, if you would like to add a category let me know as soon as possible so everyone can vote on it. Rules, Rules, Rules, no getting offended!!! This for fun. You don't have to vote for me just because it is my idea (very original). Since it is my idea, i have the final say on which categories will actually appear in my awards blog. ( I thought I might need to add this after seeing the things Tom added.)


TimW8 said...

You have obviously been listening to the voices in my head!! At least someone is. I was planning on annoucing a "Blog Ranking" Similar to the "BCS's" "USA Today Poll" and the "AP's Poll" has its team rankings. I was going to use 5 or 6 criteria and use a 1-5 scale then rank all the sites that wanted to be considered.
It sounds like you have a lot of different ideas and it sounds complicated or like everyone is a "winner" of something.
I vote for Jenny's blog for "Most_____" "Best______" "Top______" and _______ of a ______"

sarastrasser said...

Too many catagories. I will have to really think about it and I will EMAIL my answers.

Katie or Tom said...

katie it's me from the future, run there is a robot after you

ajesplin said...

You need to give us nominees to vote for in each category. Then maybe you could set up a poll-vote for each category on the side of your blog.

I think there needs to be a category for "best fixing of someone else's messed up idea."

Tim, there is definitely room for more than one blog ranking/award ceremony.

Amy Thurston said...

I know I have already won at least one of the categories. You should see how many conidments are in my fridge, plus, I have a ton more in my pantry that really should be in the fridge.

Katie or Tom said...

katie, it's me from the future. You will be very dissapointed when your sister shows up and the house smells like poo. That robot is still after you. Your 8th child will cure cancer. Your 13th kid will kill your 8th kid and your 23rd kid will have 3 eyes (abort!).Also the winning lottery numbers are

2 14 23 8 43 16 and the powerball is 32