Sunday, October 11, 2009

While I Was Sleeping

It has been so nice for me now that Hazel is a bit older. She has taken over the responsibility of fixing breakfast on the non-school days so I can sleep in. This morning, not only did she do her job flawlessly, but she made a party. She had prizes, games, decorations, and was waiting patiently for me to come down to start. I was going to take pictures but my battery was dead when I finally brushed the dust off so I could take a picture, but it was cute. She had pin the mouth on the pumpkin... I just love these guys!


Hazel said...

Check out my blog! It has alot of new stuff!!!!!!!!!

ManicMandee said...

Love how Hazel used your blog to put a plug in for hers. So cute.

That is awesome. I could use her around my house!

Hot Pants said...

If there aren't pictures, then it didn't happen.

Amanda said...

I love that too! I wish I had a party for breakfast!

Emily said...

My kids are starting to do stuff like that too. For my birthday, the kids cleaned up twice without asking to surprise me. And Penny is always making my bed for me. In a few years it will be like I have five little slaves working for me. Having lots of kids is all part of the plan!

Hazel said...

Mom I like your posts.

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