Monday, August 3, 2009

I've Lost It

Here I am, sitting in front of the computer again, and nothing is coming. Uh, I found a praying mantis today? No... My credit card machine that I am trying to reprogram is saying please initialize. I don't think I did it right? No... I am so out of control busy with "secret" "unbloggable" stuff. All of that stuff is gumming up the works. Sorry for being so lame. You should have known.


Markie23 said...

Where can I find out more about this secret unbloggable stuff?

ManicMandee said...

I've gotta know the secret stuff going. REALLY.

Landee said...

Go with the praying mantis thing.... expound on it. That should get the blogging juices flowing. Or it could shut them down completely.

Take the gamble. I miss you. More than words.

Jenny ESP said...

After thinking about it, I do think you should purchase that picture of MJ wearing a white shirt. Thomas is right. Quantities are limited and it's only $10.

PS. Can I float the river in your basement when I'm up there in a few weeks?

Memzy said...

Post about MJ and white shirts! I love just seeing your "Morgan Family" name up on my reader. Highlight of the day.

Erin Beck said...

tell Tracey to call me!

Emily said...

Come on Katie! You can do better than that!

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