Monday, May 11, 2009

Feeling Better

Aren't these the cutest kids you ever did see? Only winners swimming
in this gene pool.


Memzy said...

And all posed in front if that creepy door where you keep your midgets.

Flem said...

I have been on the road so I have a few things to catch up on:

1) I LOVED your podcast. One of my favorites to date.
2) I feel you on the missing mom business.
3) Agreed that your kids are beeeutiful.
4) I would totally have gone to Chuck E's with you. For the record, I am just a food snob.

Annie said...

You do have adorable kids. And I agree with memzy what's up with the door??

ManicMandee said...

They are looking good!

Hey will you please email me your address? Eden wants to send Hazel something.

Mary said...

Those are definitely a gorgeous group of kiddos. You gize did good!

Jenny ESP said...

Love those kids! And I'm glad you're feeling better. The swine flu is rough, I hear.

Amanda said...

Very cute! Hazel looks gorgeous in her glasses!

Landee said...

I forgot to look inside that midget door when I was at your house. DANGIT!!! Next time, next time.

Kids don't come much cuter than that.

I loved your last post. Sorry I wasn't on to comment in a more timely manner.