Monday, March 16, 2009

Tom Is Gone...Can You Tell?

So, remember when I told you all that Violet was doing better? I think the second I posted that, she was bad again. She refused to take any of her medication, and the pain got pretty out of control. Her temperature went a soaring again. She was .02 degrees from heading back to the hospital. I just had to talk her though it. The last few days have been like that. Ups and downs. I thought she was starting to come around last night, but the night was pretty bad. No one really got any sleep, and although she was eating a little yesterday, she has regressed. I am on my own now. I hope the worst is behind us. I can handle a little fever and a small appetite, but not much more than that.

The terrible breath that accompanies a surgery like this has made me hesitant to look inside her mouth. I finally did yesterday, and was shocked to see huge sores on both sides of her tongue. Obviously, at some point she bit through her tongue on both sides, and the steaming, dryness, and whatever is causing that bad breath, infected it. I am pushing the antibiotics like crazy now, and am already seeing an improvement. are you doing?


Memzy said...



What can I do? I wanna help. I feel helpless. Do you think molasses cookies ship well?

Markie23 said...

That's heartbreaking. I wish I could help too.

Emily said...

Well, I guess my first comment didn't show up. So here it is again... (I hope I don't up leaving two of the same thing.)

Poor Violet. I hope she gets feeling better soon. Didn't Aubrey have the same sort of problems after her tonsils were removed? Poor kids. I kind of wish I had something to make me lose my appetite though.

Amanda said...

Oh I feel so bad for her! I hope she gets feeling better way fast!

lovedkat said...

i feel for you, my daughter madison had that done when she was 3, it was aweful and hardly worth the recovery. its a nightmare. but it does get better. just keep eher sucken on popsickles....mine prefered the mighty ones that were short, anyways hope she is better soon.......ciao

Mary said...

Poor baby! Hope things get better soon.