Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jennifer Louise Morgan Esplin

Gotcha! I know her name isn't Jennifer, and if you didn't know that, you don't know Jenny. I just wanted you all to know some of the super sweet things this fine lady has done for me over the past 9 years. (I would also like to note, that a lot of people have done really nice things to me throughout my lifetime, and perhaps someday, I will get to you. Just sit back and enjoy Jenny today. I know she has done great things for you too.)
*She gives me all her boy clothes. Even though she has younger boys, she has still passed on clothes to me. And I don't know if she knows this, but getting free kids clothes is my favorite thing. And she has cute clothes, to top it off.
*She is super fun to play games with, and I love being on her team. She is very smart and competitive, I remember playing spades all the time with Tom, Erin, and her. Tom and Erin cheated like crazy, which made it so much more rewarding when you won a hand against all odds. (You weren't cheating were you?)
*She is the one I always call when I need a babysitter, and she always said yes. She even took my kids for a few days so I could go on a trip with Hot Pants to New Orleans. And guess what she did while I was gone...she made my kids blankets, took them to home depot for a craft project, plus more. Violet didn't want to leave when we got back. And wouldn't stop talking about how she wanted Jenny to be her new mommy.
*She sent me flowers once. For no real reason. She just knew I was having a hard time. I don't think I even thanked her for them, but they meant a lot. (It is making me cry a little, so I am not going to talk about the flowers anymore.)
*She would always plan vacations. I would call her up and tell her I needed to go somewhere, and she would quickly plan a trip for me. I love that. We have also been to Disneyland many times together, and she would always get the hotel, plan activities, basically make every trip so easy. All I had to do was show up. (Do I owe you money for real? I probably do, just let me know how much, okay.)
*She would take me out on "official work business" every once in a while. And she would bring me candy, if we went to the movies. She knows how much I love candy.
*She has done so much more too. Listened to me complain a bazillion times... You know what is the best though? She does this kind of stuff for every one. And she can run 3 miles really fast.

This is it, so don't expect anything on your birthday.


Markie23 said...

Does it seem fair that one person should have her looks, brains, and talent... not to mention mad blogging skilz?

ManicMandee said...

I'm glad her name isn't Jennifer. No offense to the Jennifers out there, but Jenny is way better.
And I'm glad to hear about all the nice things she did for you. I think I remember her posting about how nice you were to her too.
So I know it goes both ways.

Jana said...

Wow...what kind of friend am I? All I ever did was sit by you at Carl's Jr one time...I need to step it up.
I want to be Jenny when I grow up.

Katie said...

Mark-I know, it is so annoying to have to compete with that. Did you see her wedding dress pictures? Puts us all to shame.
MM-For the record, she is much nicer than I am.
Jana-Sitting by me in Carl's Jr. is very close. I get a little teary eyed when I think about it, but yeah, you should step it up.

Vegas Family said...

Jenny has babysat for me whenever I needed also. Many times for days on end. And, yes, my kids always had a great time.

Hot Pants said...

I'm glad I got the trip and not the babysitting that weekend in New Orleans. But, now I am feeling bad cuz I never do any of those things with you here in Boise. I only took you to Up-Chuck-Rama. I guess I better step up my game. I'll start running tonight.

Jenny ESP said...

Whoa! The name looked familiar, but something was off...

How'd you know I had a terrible night and needed something exactly like this to cheer up? Did The Spirit tell you? Why can't I quit you? Srsly, the day you moved away was a dark, dark day in my life, and when you came into town a few weeks ago, I was giddy. You are hilarious and super easy. Easy like Sunday morning. Breath, fresh air. That's what you are.

Sam, Shel & Co said...

We love Jenny, always have. She's amazing. I just wished she lived closer...

Memzy said...

I KNEW her name wasn't Jennifer and I still fell for it for like, 1.3 seconds. You should know, tho, that she speaks VERY highly of you too. You gize are so cute and in love.

Cathe said...

Jenny is also a killer french braider. The has got skilz

Amanda said...

It's so great to have good friends! You are so lucky!! Also- I don't know that Girls Camp song, so you should send me a video of you singing it or something. Or if you know the tune name.

Landee said...

Is Jenny dying? What is up with this? I feel like I just heard her eulogy. Except I will be the one speaking at her funeral, duh.

Katie, remember that one time I took a picture of your sweaty armpits in a borrowed WalMart shirt? And then made you drive all the way to Costco so I could pick up some pictures? Jenny has nothin' on me. Remember this comment when you get around to singing my praises. Thanks.

(Jenny is also very good at Quordy. Not quite as good as me, but extrememly good none the less)

Emily said...

Jenny is the whole package!!

Krissy said...

Awww, gotta love that girl!

And jana does need to step it up. At least i had the descency to run into you at costco after i sat across from you at Carl's jr...i'm just saying.

Laura's Linoleum said...

(Marilyn Robertson)

Cho: Don't you cry, baby. Daddy'll be home soon
He's out on the road lookin' for a toad or
Part of a fresh raccoon
He'll make you a possum sandwich or maybe a rabbit snack
So don't you worry, baby, Daddy'll be right back

Now times are rough and you can't get enough,
Sometimes you're full of fear
Money and love and even stars above
Are gettin' dimmer every year.
But when it comes to eatin'
You'll always be in clover
Just head out for the highway.
And see what's been run over.

Now we never have to worry
Coz there's always a fresh supply
Of wild deer and frog and family dog
All running out on the highway to die,
No need to let them lie there,
Ground in by the wheels --
You can have a fur wrap and a feather cap
And a couple of good hot meals.

So let's all hear it for Detroit
Keep rolling out them cars.
We'll stock our shelves with moose and elk
And Siamese cat preserved in jars,
Pickled porcupine peppers,
Smoked chihuahua meat --
The more we build those highways,
The more we'll have to eat.