Tuesday, June 17, 2008

You Guys Wanna...?

As most of you know, We had the pleasure of having Jenny's angels stay with us the last few days. The experience made me realize I can't have that many kids and an awesome blog. I know it has been lacking, and will continue to lack until I catch up on my sleep.
I had great activities planned for each day. (I had a lot of pressure to try to do as good of a job with Jenny's kids as she had done with mine. I don't know how she did it. She is my hero.) So, my activities weren't as cool as Jenny's, but I had planned stuff everyday none the less. Day one- slip-n-slide! A hit. By the time everyone was back inside and fed, I realized it was 6:15 and Cord had scouts. I rushed to get him ready, and was out the door by 6:27. That left me with three minutes to get there. It took me 13 minutes, not bad, but not good enough. We rushed to the football field (Jenny's instructions) a lowly tumbleweed rolled across the field. I know those pack meetings don't last long, but 10 minutes late? We had to be in the wrong place. We ran around the entire high school campus looking for another football field. (You never know.) No luck. This was no ordinary high school either. Running, it took twenty minutes to conclude we were in the wrong place. So now running 30 minutes late, I decided to try the church. As I pull up a young boy in a scout uniform exited. We rushed inside, the only movement came from the young kids playing in the gym while they waited for their dad, the ward clerk, to finish his business. Sorry Jenny and Cord. You will have to wait one more month for that badge. I hear the anticipation is the best part anyway.
Day two, Tom had the great idea to take the kids to blockbuster to rent a game. (Our selection is sadly outdated.) The kids picked Raving Rabbids 2. I couldn't help but want to play too. They played into the night, and first thing in the morning, they were back at it. Lowes has fun little projects for the kids to do on Saturday, and I had planned on taking advantage of this free activity. "Hey, you guys wanna go?" "Uh, no. We are really close to opening a new outfit." I was fine with that. That meant I could put off getting everyone ready for a few more hours, take my time. By around noon, I started to feel bad. They were still playing that game. I forced them to go to the pool with me. I needed a tan really bad. The pool was great. The tan I had hoped for turned into a painful sunburn on just my shoulders. It hasn't started peeling, but it will. The rest of me is still shockingly white. The second we walk in the door, back to the game. I had to tear them away to get dressed. Day four Tom was going to take the kids to see the Hulk. "You guys ready to go?" "Uh, no. We will wait and see it with our family. We will just stay and play this game." After that, I finally got it. They really wanted to play this game more than anything. So next time I watch your kids, just send 5.99 to rent a game and we will be good. Good times you guys.


sarastrasser said...

I can't believe you didn't make it to scouts!!! Very bad aunt!!!

Amy Thurston said...

To be honest, my weekend plan would have STARTED out with renting a game, and that's it. I could just relax the rest of the weekend, occassionially send up snacks and drinks.

ajesplin said...

Ah, very typical.

About scouts, I talked to some people in our scout den and found out the scout leader changed the location of the meeting at the very last minute on the DAY of the meeting. Kind of annoying since I gave all the boys in my den the original location right before I left, and I have no idea how many of them ended up at the right place. She also knew you might be taking Cord, so it bothers me that she didn't call me so I could pass it along to you, or post a sign at the school for those who didn't get the message or something. It wasn't at the church either (it was at a park), so that was a different group of boys you saw. Sorry about all the trouble you went to!

I do wish you would have forced them to go see the Hulk since I really don't want to see that movie and now they expect us to take them. Their loyally is impressive, though. Go Esplins!