Monday, June 16, 2008

Grocery Store Faux Pas

This very morning, I was on an errand. The circumstances were just right for me to make a run for it. (You see, I have Jenny's kids plus mine. That makes like almost double digit kids. They were all entertained for the moment, but I had to leave then. Things change fast around here.) I grabbed Atticus and ran, both of us still in our PJ's. Him in his dirty legged, knee holes, so severely stained that it almost looks deliberate, pajamas. Me in my old maternity sweats that I just roll the waistband to keep up. As I was unloading Atticus, I realized what a sight we truly were. He was also covered in cocoa puff residue. I was singing a stupid song that I made up on the spot. (For those of you who have heard one of my songs...let's just say, they are inspired.) It went something like this, "You are a chocolate face, a chocolate face, a chocolate face. Look at you my chocolate face, my chocolate, chocolate face." At just that moment, I realized there was two black guys right behind me. They didn't say anything, just looked. I turned Atticus so they could see he had a chocolate face without being to obvious. I never thought I would have be relieved to have such a dirty kid on my hip.


Amy Thurston said...

Where are the pictures of the crafts and the homemade blankets you did with Jenny's kids?

I am glad you're not racist.

ajesplin said...

I could totally picture you singing that song to a couple of black guys.

Thanks for taking my kids all weekend! They're more gamers than crafty types. They had a lot of fun. Cord keeps talking about my "Uncle Jim with the gold arm." What's that all about? Anyway, thanks!

And thanks for helping me out of that airline fiasco. I may have sounded all cool, calm, and collect over the phone, but inside I was freaking out. I got a migraine from keeping up that act.

Laura said...

I have left the house all too often with my kids and myself in that state.

Kimberly said...

you are freakin hilarious. want to buy some perfume?