Saturday, February 2, 2008

Party at My House!

I would like to invite anyone who would like to come to a Superbowl party at my house. Tomorrow, lets say 2-ish. There will be some amazing chicken and a chocolate cake that I got because I wanted it and couldn't justify eating a 10 pound chocolate cake all by myself. Hope to see you all there.

I thought I would post a picture of my yard all trimmed up. And yes, this is the AFTER picture.


ajesplin said...

No thanks.

sarastrasser said...

DANG IT!!! I got the invite a little too late. Could you maybe mail us the chicken and chocolate cake though?

Cristin said...

Too bad I couldn't come, also too bad I hate watching football on tv and REALLY REALLY too bad that I couldn't come over for chocolate cake.

Amy Thurston said...

Since I haven't been on my computer for a few days, I missed the invite. Too bad, I have been dying to go somewhere.
Your yard looks amazing though!