Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Out of Obligation

I don't really have anything to qrite about. I have been so busy with work stuff that I have missed out on everything. I did go to Hazel's school to help out on Valentines day, and her teacher totally misspelled everyone. She wrote "everone". I don't know how I feel about that. NOSEY!! Tom is looking over my shoulder at what i am writing. I hate that! By the way did i mention my boobs are fake and I wear a wig and I like the guy from the wiggles who wears the purple shirt and i like to be buttercupped and I smell and I eat a cube of butter a day and Tom's cool and I changed my name to shoe, call me shoe from now on.


sarastrasser said...

Hey Shoe?? I don't think you should critcize Hazel's teacher for misspelling "everyone" because you misspelled "write". You spelled it "qrite". Remember when you point a finger that there are three more fingers pointing back at you!

guy named shoe said...

Are you mocking my name?