Monday, June 1, 2009

Bring It

So, I am all motivated to start this super intensive work out program
that promises to turn me from flab to fab. I have put on about 10
pounds over the past year, and feel myself heading in the wrong
direction, health wise. I feel tired, depressed, and although I am
still squeezing into most of my pants, it isn't pretty. Flesh all
over the place, grossness. My sister let me borrow her pirated copy
of p90x. She said she wasn't quite ready to start it.

So I popped in the into disc. It was a lot of before and afters, and
a lot of "bring it". Then onto disc one...ab ripper. Oh. My. Gosh.
I got about 8 minutes into it before I started siezing up. They keep
saying it's not for beginners, so if you're a beginner, just take
breaks. I took a bunch of breaks the first 8 minutes and then a 9
minute break, there at the end. I think I'm going to have to start
over tomorrow. Or maybe I'll bring it later today? Getting ripped is
going to be hard, you gize.


Cristin said...

You can do it!

Actually I heard that p90x is super duper tough. Good luck!!! I'll be cheering and thinking of you while on my morning walks....

Markie23 said...

Do you need any equipment for the workouts (dumbells, stretch bands, etc)? How can I get my own pirated copy? Don't forget your before pics so you can compare them to your ripped after pics.

Erin Beck said...

what is that?? I have been hearing alot of talk about it and I have a good friend starting it as well?? And just so you know, I think you are very skinny already

Katie said...

That is so stinking sweet if you to say, Erin. Now I'm totally off the hook. It's this program that garauntees that you will be "ripped" in 90 days. They do suggest weights and resistance bands and a pull up bar, but they show you how to do it without, with slightly less impressive results. I was promised a good work out, and it delivered. I'm scared about tomorrow. And still trying to work up the courage to finish today.

Memzy said...

Yeah. That program is keeeler. So I've heard. Never had the guts to do it. I'm afraid I would just give up on my family room floor.

Amanda said...

It's always hard to work out when you're not in shape. I know I hate it the first few times. I think it's great that you are doing it though! I need to start exercising too. It's just so hard to get started!

Emily said...

Yeah, I don't do excercise videos. I always end up on the couch just watching them with a bowl of popcorn or something. I've gotta LEAVE my house to get in a good workout. I'm pretty sure you already look awesome though.

Warriorcats said...

u can do it! im sure its normal for this to happen.

Flem said...

What is the name of this program? I need to get a pirated copy. Or maybe Markie can send it to me. I need to whip meself into shape.

This was motivational in a weird opposite kind of way.

Jenny ESP said...

This is why all pirates are in excellent shape and have rock-hard abs.

Landee said...

I've heard even the most gym-rattiest gym rats die on P90X. Don't die. Cuz I like you too much.

Amber Waite said...

Hey! I'm a fellow P90Xer too. I'm only on week 3 but it's pretty hard core. I can actually feel muscles in my stomach and thanks to the yoga disc I can now touch my toes (which I've never been able to do). Have you found the schedule of what disc to watch what day yet? If not, I can send you my link. I'm doing the "lean" version.

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Just focus yourself with the work-out, it's hard at the start but as you continue to do it, you'll enjoy it for sure. Good luck!